Best OTT video creator success stories in 2022

Best OTT Video Creator Success Stories in 2022

In a previous blog 6 Best OTT platforms for creators and companies (in 2022), we discussed some of the best OTT platforms available to creators and companies to launch their very own video-on-demand platforms online, and via TV and mobile apps.

Today, we want to share some examples from OTT video creators and companies who found success in starting their own OTT video content and streaming business.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Start Your Own Video Streaming Services on an OTT Video Platform?

While many creators would consider their content a success when it reaches a significant network or is distributed on a platform like Netflix, OTT platforms can make it easy to instantly share content and get creators the recognition and compensation they need to continue driving their career in creative arts.

Some of the most popular OTT platforms that have been making waves in recent years include Uscreen and Vimeo. Both platforms offer creators a wide range of benefits, including posting content without going through a major network or studio. This allows creators more freedom regarding the content they produce, as they don’t have to worry about whether or not a higher-up will approve it. Creating an account on these platforms will give creatives the chance to broadcast any shows they want or create content. This OTT strategy finds new uses throughout the fitness world, music, and film. When content creators not only get control over the content they are creating as well as their distribution strategy and monetization, it puts them in a much better position to succeed.

What Are Some of Our Most Recommended OTT Service Providers?

Uscreen and Vimeo may be the two most popular OTT platforms; several other platforms are also worth considering as mentioned in the [link to article: Best OTT Platform]. For individual creators and small businesses who have a size-able built-in audience and content published, Uscreen is a great OTT platform to consider. For enterprise users and businesses, Vimeo is worth considering as part of beta testing.

Here are some of the best Over Top Success Stories for creators who managed to use OTT platforms to increase user engagement, create consistent revenue, and distribute their content on multiple platforms, including TV and mobile devices in most cases. You’ll see examples of video monetization using subscription based model, on-demand videos, exclusive livestream content.

Fanforce TV

Fanforce TV is a streaming service that has a social impact. The platform promotes films dedicated to causes and charities, with some proceeds going back to these critical organizations. Several well-known publications, including The Huffington Post, IndieWire, and Variety, have praised the company. The platform’s audience can access live streams, community screenings, and pre-prepared home entertainment.

The app created by Fanforce is available on most devices, including smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and more. The platform’s social media team is very proactive, sharing stories and content related to the films on their site. This helps to promote the films and the causes behind them.

Bootshaus live

This platform was designed to showcase the talents of some of Germany’s most illustrious nightclubs. The clubs participating are a big part of the electronic music scene in Germany, and the platform was created during covid to ensure that they could keep supporting their live artists. The content on the platform includes sets from some of the world’s most popular DJs.

The platform is ad-free and instead relies on ticket sales to generate revenue. This has been working well so far, with several thousand viewers tuning in to each stream. It is available for iPhone, smart TV, and on android devices.

Unicorns live

Unicorns Live is a streaming platform dedicated to LGBTQ content, including drag queens and Kings. The site was created in 2020 in response to the pandemic as a way to support LGBTQ performers who were struggling to find work.

Since its inception, the platform has been a huge success. Dustyn Balkham created the platform to model the same messages they had built with his previous company, Rebellious Unicorn. The entertainment company and events creator would pivot his company to an online space and found success.

He found that there was a real need for this type of content and has been working hard to ensure that the platform is meeting the needs of its users.

Art for kids hub TV

Creator Rob Jensen and his family reached out to their Youtube audience of 4 million and built a streaming platform to showcase their content. The entire family is involved in the business, with Rob’s wife teaching art classes and his kids appearing in some of the videos.

They offer a subscription-based service where viewers can access all of their content for a monthly fee. The platform features a wealth of fun family videos, as well as homeschooling activities and other educational content.

Your Book of Memories (built with Uscreen)

This streaming service comes from the talented youtube personality Frances Long who did live videos detailing how to journal. In her new platform, she carried her thousands of subscribers over from Youtube and, in four months, was able to generate 10x her Youtube earnings. Her youtube channel is now designed for marketing the streaming service, and she offers a wealth of classes and tutorials throughout her OTT app.

Indie film hustle

This streaming platform showcases the best in indie films and offers inspiring classes and tutorials for Indie Film Makers. The creator, Alex Ferrari, has over 1000 film credits and wanted to build a platform that could reach out to those interested in film education worldwide. The platform has 50 categories for every aspect of the industry, including some stand-out indie films from creators that are linked to the platform and created using content on the platform. It can be found on ios, Apple TV, Roku, and Android.


In 2019, Bristol Motorspeedway launched RaceXR+, which showcased its series of dirt races at their track as well as several other dirt races in America. Subscribers to the platform could tune in live as well as watch previously recorded races from across the North American Dirt track racing circuit. The OTT streaming service is available on Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV, and it has inspired some other Tracks and race series in the USA to work at creating their own streaming services.

How to Choose an OTT Platform as a Video Creator?

OTT streaming platforms are available and many are geared toward your upcoming OTT needs. To create your own OTT platforms often come with a pricey tag, but we have researched a number of platforms such as Uscreen that are readily available to creators and small businesses.

When to Launch Your Own OTT Platform as a Video Creator?

Another related question is when you should consider launching your own OTT platform. In our experience, the time and labor investment are best served when you have significant content ready to launch on the platform, and a sizable audience who are ready to consume the content. Otherwise, you may be better off focusing on building the audience and producing the right content for that audience first.

What Types of Creators and Companies Are Best Suited for OTT Platforms?

YouTubers (often with a size-able following of 100K or more, who continue to produce content consistently)

Filmmakers with multiple projects, video production companies, creator collectives (aka groups of creators are easier to launch on OTT video platform together as opposed to individually).

Training companies and platforms working with multiple trainers, creators and teachers.

Your Thoughts and Feedback?

Who have I missed and should be included in these success stories? Please let me know in the comments below so together we can properly celebrate their success as an OTT video creator.

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