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Emily Peterson: A Pause to Feel Your Soul (#119-120)

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Our Guest Today: Emily Peterson

Emily Peterson is a certified 500-hour yoga instructor, Usui Reiki Master, and licensed TIMBo facilitator and trainer. TIMBo is “Trauma Informed Mind Body”, which has been instrumental in her personal healing process. Formerly a competitive athlete, she began practicing yoga to manage chronic pain from injuries more than 15 years ago.

For Emily, yoga offered an important meditative practice and the experience of a safe connection to her body, which were transformative and led to personal healing from an eating disorder, depression, and trauma. 

Welcome to our special 2-part episode, hosted by me and my Executive Producer, Adam Leffert, an avid yoga practitioner who met Emily first and introduced her to me.  We had the time to dive deep into Emily’s personal stories, the good and not so good times of her life. 

Storytelling has been a powerful tool for Emily’s healing and teaching. I hope this episode opens up doors and possibilities for those who still live in the dark. 

An unexpected experiment that took place in these episodes are these mini moments where Emily invited us to practice mindfulness meditation with her. Join us! 

To learn more about Emily Peterson, please visit her website, or contact her via email emilypetersonwellness(at)gmail(dot).com.

Emily’s Documentary 

Show Notes

Part 1

  • [06:00] Can you share a little bit about your origin story?
  • [09:00] What was the main driver you had to become such a powerful athlete?
  • [14:00] 1997 was a very big year for you. What was happening at the time that triggered many of your decisions back then?
  • [16:00] Can you recall any moments back then, that made you realize how special you were? That could have helped you?
  • [20:00] You’ve gone through plenty of really tough situations in your life, but you mentioned you get nervous in many smaller situations (like recording your podcast). How does your experience help you deal with that?

Part 2 

  • [6:00] I feel that you are sharing your stories with so many people. How does that make you feel, to share your story?
  • [9:00] Can you tell us about TIMBO? What is it and how can people discover it?
  • [13:00] When you travelled to other countries to talk to women groups, like your trip to Africa, how did you manage to do that?
  • [18:00] ‘To hold space’ is something that sounds funny in the beginning, but with time you gradually start figuring out what it means. Can you tell us what that means?
  • [22:00] How did you recover and reconcile with your life after being sexually abused?
  • [30:00] Adam commenting on why people tend to reject or underestimate the importance of mindfulness

Favorite Quotes 

  • [12:00] Here’s a space where I can renegotiate what that discomfort is, where it comes from, what I can do when I’m uncomfortable, and it has allowed me to find the other spectrum of joy and happiness that I never thought it was possible.
  • [18:00] It was a big street fight to try to live, there were lots of motivating factors [to think that way], plus all the suffering I’ve caused to my family.
  • [21:00] I had to start recognizing those thoughts as a way that if I believed I was bad, then I could never come into a room and be hurt. I was ensuring I was controlling my own rejection…
  • [27:00] We all grow up with this primitive system coding that a threat to our caregivers, either perceived or real, literally is a threat to survival, and then we start to adapt from there.


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