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How to Use Google and YouTube In-Stream Ads to Promote Film and Documentary

Google ads and YouTube in-stream ads can be very effective in promoting your film and documentary.

In this video, I show you how to break down different ad groups to target different subjects/actors/people within the film and documentary. Then we use Google ads to create YouTube in-stream ads to target audience who are interested in your film, as well as subjects and people mentioned in your film.

Assets we created and showcased during this walkthrough

1. Short promo videos (different ones for different guests featured in the documentary) in landscape and portrait orientations for YouTube in-stream ads and Instagram promotions

2. Set up YouTube in-stream ads through Google Ads using separate Ad Groups

3. Research YouTube targeted videos using TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer and within Google Ads (* TubeBuddy is a brilliant software I wish I knew sooner, also YouTube certified)

4. Apply $2-5 per day, per campaign or ad group

5. Analyze and optimize

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