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Teaching Dance and Fitness With a Microphone Using #Zoom and #Loopback

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to test Loopback with their free trial before purchasing the software!

UPDATE: To check out a step-by-step guide and my exactly setup using Zoom, Loopback and an external microphone (with audio interface), go to this blog post.

I hope this video clarifies how you can use Zoom in combination with Loopback to broadcast music and vocal instructions (using a microphone). Loopback helps create multiple sources for the output channels. 

Loopback is a good solution, but IMO not a great one. The price point is high, the trial period is short. It isn’t originally designed for Zoom so audio configuration can be unpredictable. With that said, the microphone sound quality along with music is fine (not great). 

Download Loopback (20-min trial) or use SOCIALDISTANCING for 15% off when purchasing the full version:

Loopback technical support (they respond within 24 hours, a screenshot of your setup is recommended): 
Loopback knowledge base: https://rogueamoeba.com/support/knowl…
Contact Loopback support directly: https://rogueamoeba.com/support/suppo…

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