Jennifer Dziura: The Fearless Woman behind


Today on the show, we have a fearless woman name Jennifer Dziura, who is the founder of and the annual Bullish Conference. When I Google "bullish girl" just to make sure that it doesn't sound offensive, Jen's website, ranked #2 (Good job Jen!), and number one is Wall Street Crowds Bullish on "Fearless Girl" Statue

"Bullish is feminism- and justice-minded work talk from someone who believes in examining our relationship to corporations." 

Here are some of Jennifer's beliefs and a cheatsheet to our conversation: 

  • You can make money and influence the world without being a jerk.
  • Starting businesses on zero dollars
  • Selling expensive things to rich people, and doing real things in the world rather than trying to “manifest your dreams.”
  • Helping other women (Bisila Bokoko talked about the same on an interview earlier) 


If you can't see the player above, click here to listen.

Jennifer openly writes about class and gender issues in business, assertiveness, sexual ethics, multiple income streams, and the value of women talking openly about money, careers, privilege, and influence.

If any of these topics sounds good to you, we bet you'll enjoy this conversation. Please share this episode with one other woman, or man. Perhaps a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend. We thank you for choosing to spend your precious time with us. 

Show Notes

  • [06:00] What’s your take on some people's reactions toward "working women"? What’s your experience?
  • [07:00] How do you usually introduce yourself?
  • [11:00] As the first person in your family to go to college, how did they react to you going to an Ivy League school - Dartmouth?
  • [15:00] How long have you worked on your company GetBullish, and how did this start?
  • [21:00] Fei and Jen talk about the value of women in money, careers, privilege, and influence.
  • [25:00] How do people react to your blog? Do you get hate mails these days?
  • [30:00] Fei and Jen relating to the book “Stumbling on Happiness”
  • [35:00] What’s the business model behind What's your revenue model? 

Favorite Quotes

  • [10:00] A lot of those random experiences have come back to be very helpful in my entrepreneurial endeavors today. You could make a period in your life just to try everything…
  • [13:00] I wanna think that people can change, but people don’t change maybe that much, they just find a better way to succeed.
  • [18:00] This business column I was writing was very different because I was reaching a very different audience. I was able to take some ideas that were mine, and some ideas that were common in business and express in a way that was really palatable to people who don’t read business sites.
  • [26:00] I believe that feminism is not succeeding for your own self. Feminism is about tearing down barriers for other women.