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Lovette Otegbola Interviews Fei Wu: How to Teach Dance and Fitness Online (#256)

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Our Guest Today (Me) And Interviewer Lovette Otegbola

We reversed the roles today. Lovette Otegbola met me because of my recent YouTube videos. She invited me to join her live on Instagram, where we discussed all things relate to running a successful fitness business online.

Because of covid-19, many gyms closed down, instructors had to set up virtual fitness classes online overnight.

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Show notes, links and ways to connect with the guests are available on FX WorldCom. Now onto the show. Hey, guys, this is Fei Wu from Fais World, and I’m so glad you decided to tune in. And today I have a treat for you, which is a different type of guest slash the way that I have been recording these. So I realize that so far because of YouTube, my podcast, I’ve been so blessed and lucky to connect with people from around the world.

Well, in this case today, I have been interviewed by Lovette Otake Bullah from Africa, specifically Nigeria, and she and I connected literally on Instagram. And because of YouTube, she reached out to me and said, Hey, Faye, would you like to go live with me on my Instagram page? And frankly, it was my first time going live on Instagram. She was super well prepared and sent me a list of questions, and I just love her questions.

There were very thoughtful in terms of helping dancers and the fitness community to really level up. I appreciate the questions so much. And I thought, hey, what if I actually repurpose this recording and with Lovett’s permission and just share it with my own audience? So if you’re out there as a content creator, creative entrepreneur and you happen to be a a fitness instructor or, you know, someone who is, I really hope this helps. I don’t think it only applies to the fitness community.

But anybody during the pandemic anywhere in the world right now who is trying to find their own voice and find something that they can do on a more permanent basis. But it’s about how you experiment and how to go about from doing something that you’re familiar with and translate that to building a community and to create something that other people can access and enjoy with you. And, you know, and that is just so fascinating. I say this because so often still I know this is not the first time for me to say this, but so many of us still believe all the shiny objects and all the stories that seem to have such a smooth path of where people were and where they are today.

And it’s rarely, rarely the case. And when we say luck, it’s not something that you can bank on. Right. So I want you to hear more of these stories that from my podcast, What The Real Journey is like. And, you know, the pandemic taught us so many things. But one thing that’s universal is that we are truly in that together. So if you can hear real stories from inspiring creative entrepreneurs like Lovette, I think they’re just more hope to all of us to create something that’s truly lasting, that’s original and authentic.

So without further ado, I would love to welcome you to join me and let’s interview that was broadcasted about a month ago. So let us know what you think. Always connect with me. I can be reachable always on Anchor FM, but also at Face World Everywhere on social media. That is once again EIC or Aldy. I’ll see you at the end of the show.

OK, so good to hear from you, so let’s get right to it, because I’m sure there’s loads of stuff to talk about, so let’s get right to it. So introduce yourself to all the people who are who are going to be watching this later and watching right now.

Yeah. Hey, guys, this is Fei Wu and I’m based in Boston, Massachusetts, which is in the United States. And I’m originally from Beijing, China, about 20 years ago. So I’ve spend more than half of my life in the States at this point. And I what I do and what I stumble upon three months ago is that I wanted to leverage everything I learned as a project manager, as a digital marketer to help the dance and fitness community.

And the reason for that is I had never been a dancer. My my life. I always feared dancing because it was never really part of my my life, my my family, really. But I fell in love with it two years ago. And since the pandemic, I made it a priority to help my instructors. Only a few of those people who have been so important, such an instrumental part of my life to help them bring their lessons online.

Then I just accidentally uploaded a video and that’s how I found you. Levet And that’s New Found Love, which is YouTube videos, tutorials. But besides that, I am a freelance digital marketer. That’s what I do for a living.

Well, that’s the only part about that will unveil little by little. I’ve commented not here, but in the in your promo video. Lovette Yeah. If Israel dot com for slash lifestream, for anybody who want to learn more about what I do and the courses and the video tutorials I love.

Yeah I know. I mean I went through your I went through your YouTube channel and whereases Girlyman. Oh my gosh. And you have so much stuff. So much. So much. I mean more in the last few months. Yeah. Especially during the pandemic. But I was able to find tons of content and I was thinking to myself when I said, let’s talk, I said I have to, I have to, I have to get this lady on.

I mean, because in this part of it is part of the world. And I do it we’re not very we’re not very digital inclined yet. I mean, we’re crawling in there, but we’re not very digital inclined and get and a lot of here are I will use the word suffering. But I mean, there’s been a lot of setback for us because, I mean, a lot of the people in our space and our community and our world around us are not really inclined to have online classes and stuff and stuff like that.

So I said, OK, she does digital markets and she does live stream content. She she’s given all these ideas, all this advices. So we need to bring you on so that you can help our community here and see how we can be able to scale. And, you know, the world is not a global village. I mean, everybody says the world is a global village. Everybody’s plug it in online so markets can just be people around.

So the people around us have to jump into our new markets, our new strain. So I’m so excited. I see there’s somebody here who is joining us. The singer is one of my one of my people, Jason, and he’s a singer, and I’m sure he’s on edge. Also, how can I do livestream concerts at all? So let’s go to the next question. I’m super excited. Thank you so much. Again, I mean, I know that it’s 10:00 a.m. this Sunday.

You should be in bed, rest in your hair while you’re here. It was great advice. Thank you so much. OK, so let’s go. What is Lifestream? Tell us what Lifestream is and how and how. I mean, it is Lifestream really live? Is it life? So it’s oxalis.

Sure, sure. I’m so glad you brought that the question up. And we thank you for saying like Global Village. I literally told my mom about that, about you and this conversation like five minutes ago, so. Wow. So Lifestream content basically is a way of you sharing your whereabouts really can be anything. So when you say you go live as a dance instructor, as a singer, as a fitness instructor. Yeah. You’re broadcasting perhaps through a phone.

We all have smartphones worldwide. So you’re going live like now. How live is it? Depending on your Internet service, you could be anywhere between a few seconds delayed. And that delay may be different for different people or people. The question that’s so interesting, because now there is also something called Schedule the Live. I have done a bunch of videos with this app called Re Stream. So Restring is the website and they offer his service. That’s so fascinating to me, which is they allow you to use a an existing video that you prerecorded.

And then you can schedule that to go live at a chosen future time. Now, it is unbelievable. Now, I would say that what’s the difference? You go one or the other, really, depending on your profession, because I personally do not think it’s inauthentic to use a schedule live. The reason is for musicians out there in the world right now, there are a lot of limitations in terms of how you can produce your music, how you can rehearse with other people given limitations with Zoom, for example, and with with Instagram, because if it works, if you are trying to go live with music in the background, people will have trouble hearing it because that’s the challenges that we’re all facing today.

So if you want to produce and record something for your band, for with your friends, then that’s absolutely OK. So those are the two different kinds of Lifestream. But generally speaking, yes, Lifestream is life.

Wow. OK, just give me a sec, let me I need to with I need to finish what we’re talking about on on the page livestream content for business. OK. OK, yay, yay, I’m super excited. OK, I’m trying to spin this so people who are watching can see what we’re talking about. Awesome. OK, I don’t like this drink about three weeks ago, so I would have been ok. OK, ok. OK, great.

All right. So let’s go to the next thing so Lifestream can be life and doesn’t have to be life depending on how you schedule with the new app and all that. OK, so what are the options for Lifestream? What are I mean, if I, if I needed to pick if there was a hat and were like their life’s content advices or plug ins there, what are the plug ins. What I see that basket in that hat.

Talk to us. Yeah. So OK, I’ll answer the first part of the question, which is what are some of the types of content you can go live with? And I think especially when it comes to your community, my community, the dance live streamers, instructors, or if you’re in music because so funny, half of my clients currently are in music. So classical music, classical orchestras are really theaters and orchestras are really struggling right now. That’s why and my advice for individuals in the visual dance and fitness instructors is you can get really creative with what you can go live with and what’s readily at hand available.

And obvious. Obvious is when you go live teaching. However, that really doesn’t have to be the only time that you go live. I want to throw some other ideas or maybe you can draw down like the ones that are relevant to you, such as you can go live with the conversation you’re having with your students before and after class, because during a pandemic, people are really looking for stories, for connections. And so that’s one way. And you could also go live about your personal life a bit.

And I would explain a bit about how you can kind of bring these stories together. Your personal life could be what you were thinking about in the morning. You’re so excited to meet your students and sometimes going like before you, you teach is great. People are so busy. They forget they forget that when you’re going to go live, you can do that half an hour or an hour before. And also your personal library like this is a new like a Thai flower drink the blue.

I mean, I found this somewhere on Instagram and my mom was really into it. And you could talk about that. Things in the attell, anything but. Exactly. There’s so much that you can talk about. So don’t box yourself into, oh, I’m a professional. I need to be dancing. Only nobody want to hear or whatever else I have to say. It’s not a good wow.

OK. Oh wow. OK, ok. So when we look at options, what options do we have. Like OK, I know people say oh podcasting. Like Facebook. Like YouTube. Like what, what, what options out there, out there that we can explore and grow our community and our business for sure.

So part one is what are the channels that are available? The good news is Lifestream has been around way before the pandemic. Right. I think Facebook was leading the charge in a long time. It’s still very popular. And Instagram is now part of Facebook, basically. So clearly Instagram life, which is what we were doing and just doing, fermenting with your friends. Right. You don’t have to announce to the world, make into a thing, into a production Facebook.

You can easily go live directly from your computer or with a smartphone. But obviously these days you have YouTube live. You have to talk live. I think there’s a Snapchat live, which I’m just too old for. I’m not on all the platforms. And if you want to branch out to other applications and platforms, there’s so many more all over the world. In China, in Asia in particular, livestream has been a thing for them for a long, long time.

Long time, exactly. So now what I want to just mention briefly, if that’s your interest, just let me know, which is the popularity these days with what’s called multi stream, where simulcast is also streaming. Yes, like streaming. Exactly. So it means exactly. Live streaming, except that you going live in multiple places. So this is for multi stream. So what that means is you have the option to go live simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram, on YouTube, on Twitter, Twitter, Periscope, and there are different competitive applications in the world right now.

Again, you could go to my website, which I can. Well, I will provide. At some point, yeah, but these world are calling for Lifestream, I know have produced a lot of videos on how to use restring, how to use Castra, how to use Lula. Lula L-A is a really interesting option because that’s one of the very few ones that actually allow you to go live on Instagram, whereas some other publications won’t allow you to go on Instagram as it’s designed.

So for you, you definitely want to explore Lula. At some point they’ll be there. You. Yeah.

Wow. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome, awesome. I mean, I’ve never heard of it before, so I’m sure people are like, oh, we can do more than one at a time. That’s amazing what we could do with Facebook. I’ve seen that recently. I don’t know how they would link that. But there is a way that you see on Zoom, but it’s like Facebook at the same time. So, yeah. So you can do that.

So how can. Sorry. So how can, how can create dancers. I mean leverage that creatives. I mean there’s a singer here as well. So I mean the word creative though. How can creative’s leverage using this for income. I know there is going on Zoom live with students, but I mean how else can we monetize, how else can we monetize.

Yeah. So thanks for asking the question because money is not a dirty word. Right. I just want to say that first and foremost, I have always been supportive since day one of the pandemic. And I know that one is different for different countries, countries roughly here in the US. It was around mid-March when it became Zoom here. And for me, there are a lot of I really admire a lot of fitness instructors, perhaps some of you who are watching this right now to say, I want to do this for free.

I know people are struggling. I really admire that. But at some point, it’s a business. It’s a business that you used to have at a gym, which you have lost your income for. And then, you know, people are coming to you and now you have to purchase additional devices. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about, an extra day to an extra this an extra that’s in Nigeria because almost 60 dollars a month.

Exactly in different parts of the world. Right. Some people I know, people instructors upgraded their phone, their laptop. They got to purchase microphones, additional data, gigabytes for your Internet, so and so. I just want to mention that. So charging is correct. Now, if you want to use Lifestream to make money, number one, you have to think about your quote unquote business model. It doesn’t have to be complex. Everybody has a business model.

So if I were to clarify that right, think about that right now. If you are not charging, consider charging. And when you are able to do that, you have to think about your own unique offering and voice without sounding too supergrass or super digital marketing to think about why you stand out in the space and then start charging right prices. The easiest thing to modify, start charging. But I also see instructors who also have packages such as Hey to free class pass or this is a ten pack.

Some of you, if you haven’t thought about selling your pre recorded videos, maybe that’s something you can consider instead of just life lessons. Now, once you figure out that side of things, you can now gear and use your Lifestream for that purpose, because I see I don’t want to call them mistakes because we all need to make mistakes before we can begin to make money. Understand how it goes. Right. So when you go Lifestream, whether you’re sipping a cup of tea, talking about wellness and or you’re teaching life, make sure you have an easy way, which means you want to include a hyperlink, a way for people to connect with you and learn more about whatever it is that you’re talking about.

If you are teaching a class, give people an opportunity to sign up for that class now or next time. If you are selling a prerecorded package, we’ll make that information available so that I will pause because there’s a lot to dissect.

And somehow there is this. Yes. So I see, because marketing your products, I can say is is something I’ve seen. Big deal. So your business model has to be I mean, even if it’s simple, but it needs to be able to pay for something, even if they’re trying to keep as much as what’s good for free, because everybody’s struggling at the moment. But we need to get that charge. You need to start charging very, very, very, very good.

Very good. OK, so what are the marketing strategies you think we can apply? Because digital marketing, what are the markets that can apply? To push our content, so this may be prerecorded, like you said, maybe all classes that are prerecorded or I mean for life classes that would have taken, given that we can also still sell that, etc.. So what are the options? I mean, give us the opportunity. Give us the idea.

You know, the there are a couple of questions that come up all the time for me, which is people always say, where should I go? And I think with the benefit of history and Kastor now you can go live simultaneously on different channels, which are great, which I highly recommend that you tune in and they even have features where it aggregates all the comments as you’re going live. So these things are to consider. So from a marketing strategy perspective, it is not always more the better.

But if there are systems and software that can support you for what you do, then there is more power to you. The second consideration is you do want to be considerate and thoughtful about where you’re going live and how you’re engaging that conversation. What I mean by that is, for example, if bit I don’t know too too much about you just yet, but you are using this platform, Instagram, for interviews, for giving other entrepreneurs and creative ideas, marketing strategies.

Keep going live here. But if your only, say, using your personal Facebook profile for hanging out with families and friends and such, you can still go live there. A lot of people make mistakes is like my family and friends don’t want to know what I do professionally. That’s not true because they can help you. But don’t get my point is don’t get upset or discouraged if they don’t engage with you the same way as your entrepreneur friends on Instagram would engage with this content.

So it’s your choice where as to where to go live. But you want to leverage that content. And also, I want to say, if you don’t take away anything else for this, come from this conversation. The one thing I learned over 12 years of working in digital marketing is that teaching will always win, always is teach. And what Lovette is doing here is clearly teaching. And she’s teaching from her own experience, from her own home.

But she’s bringing other experts other point of view to give people that perspective. So teaching is huge, right? So whatever you know, I have a teacher. I wish I wish I was wearing it today. But you won’t be able to see me because I’m so close. It says teach everything, you know, teach everything. If you’re watching this and thinking like I got nothing to offer, whether I’m fifty or I’m twenty, I have nothing to teach.

Well, then you’re wrong, because as soon as I know we scheduled this, I realize if people are watching this or not from the US, maybe many of you are not that many of them. I mean, I have a lot of Nigerians right in here now. So a couple of people that I know in my community as well and followers are on life. So. So we have more Nigerians.

Yeah, exactly. So people from all over the world, there is an opportunity for you when it comes to marketing. It comes from you. The most unique aspect of your marketing is not your dance. It’s not the name of the songs these pop songs are using. It’s you. You are what makes it special and unique. So even if you’re eating the same food, maybe that’s harmful to you. It’s very fascinating to me. You know, I know that it’s hard to find Nigerian food here in Boston, but I know exactly which spots have them, which is a town called Jamaica Plain.

And I’ve been there many times with my friends. I love eating food with my hands. I love being part of that culture and people like that. You are not just another face, you’re not just another instructor. So really bring your culture in. Perhaps your neighbors would be like all of your sassily. That’s what I eat at home. No, I it’s a very different impact and perspective for me. And the more I get to know you as a creator, as a person, the more inclined I am to be part of your dress.

OK, great, great. Great for the market as much as possible. Do as much as possible so everyone doesn’t matter in their family, their friends doesn’t matter who they are, as long as you give them value and your share some sort of stories with them. And I like the part, is that we should share stories, personal stories. We should come online and talk about this, because this also helps create some sort of synergy with cases. People get to know you a bit more than just the face out there, because that’s what makes you special.

Awesome. All right. OK, so I have here say, what are the pertinent information creatives need? Creative needs before they destroy life. What are the petulant things? Like I said, people started getting you care microphones. Is that a. And things that. Are you looking for the network OK?

I think, yes, I can hear you a little slow, but OK, great. All right. So that’s a great question, I would say it’s really important stuff when we’re still talking about phase one right now, which is not to overthink. Don’t think about the way you look, what you wear when you first go live. And I do want to have an opportunity to talk a little bit about phase two. Right. Don’t worry too much about what other people say, whether they will vote, how many people are watching live simultaneously.

I’m looking at six people right now. Don’t worry about that. Right. And you want to do is step one, do a test, do a test with a friend, do a test with someone you trust is before before that makes you more comfortable. OK, everybody is going to not be good at this before they become good. And it doesn’t matter when it is. So I go live every day. If you’re right, go lie every day.

Use Instagram story. We’re all on Instagram, right? I use Instagram Straube because it disappears after twenty four hours. So who cares. Practicing something, sharing a piece of your life every single day could be about a book that you read. Could be about something. Right. Because I say that the answer is in fitness instructors could be a little bit more self conscious. It has to be a very obvious.

Yeah, a very self-conscious so first of all, I would a friend go lives with somebody you trust to get comfortable.

OK, right now, when it comes to camera and microphone equipment, don’t worry too much about that, you can always invest more money into it. Right. And when it comes to going live on Instagram, the way we do it, this is the ultra professional, your low quality and free. But later on, when you invest in technology, camera and all that, I have all that here in my studio. But I got to say, they won’t add too much value if you have in practice the first one.

I will also say the least you can do as you become more familiar with it. Here’s something you can do when you go live for a longer period of time, like the way that we are. You want to give people an idea of what you’re actually doing. So what if I just did it? She pinned one of the comments like, here’s what I’m talking to, and here’s a purpose and goal of our conversation. That is to respect your audience so that if remember, there are a lot of people kind of came and went as we’re having this conversation.

So you want to give people an idea of what you’re talking about and an example. Now.

Yes, I mean, he went lot.

You see this little promo video that doesn’t have to be complicated or caused a lot of money to create, you want to give people the heads up to say, oh, this is this is something that I’m going to share. This is all fake is like nobody knows who Fay is. We’re going to talk about I know you and you are consistent on top of everything else that if you’re consistent about going live every Tuesday, every Saturday, I’m talking to other great entrepreneurs about this, then your audience is going to come back, you know, Joe Schmo, Jane Doe or whoever in the world is like, let me tune in right now.

So those are some of the things that you can begin to think about. But do overengineer it don’t overthink it. We take ourselves very seriously. But other people don’t see our mistakes as to be. Yeah.

All right. All right. All right. All right. So I get I get it. So the girls are not so important as long as you you you do what you do, you and you get used to it and get comfortable and slowly. Like I said, I said that is always I’m a very shy person as much as it was the stage. Everybody things that I love looks bad, which I do. It was like, oh my gosh, this is that’s so much energy.

But I am seriously shy, so I’m very shy. But I decided to do this because I was thinking that even when it pandemic’s. Phases out, people are going to try to get back to their lives and it will not be the same normal. There has been so this new normal for me was like, OK, what all the alternatives can creative’s also get and how what else can be combined with the dance? So to I mean, to scale.

And guys, if you have any questions, please go to the chat box or be like I said, she’s a digital marketer, the content creator. She does a lot of talk on livestream. So if you go to her YouTube page, loads and loads of information or anybody who’s been fingers, but that’s a fitness instructor. I mean, there’s everything there. I went there and I were able to go to every Zoom class. I’ve been having some classes every week, every week since the month of May.

And I’ve used a lot of the content. I just got out there like, what did you say? The sound? How do you do with the lights out? How do you deal with this on Zoom? How do you do that every week? Three times a week? Actually, I’ve been on Zoom and your content has really helped me, really helped me scale through. And I’m like, OK, so let me see what the question here.

All right, let me go live. OK, so I will here, which I did intend to, but I thought about it and I said, look, let me ask our live stream content, also digital products. Can we categorize Lifestream content as digital products?

Absolutely. So digital content or lifestream content in general is just content. I have seen so much instructors who are able to hit the record button. Let’s say if you go if you teach on Zoom, many of us do. And if you hit a record button, that’s a lesson and that’s a product. Even within that recording, I argue that there are multiple products. Right? Right. Each song is a product. The whole class is a product that forces product.

Why do I say this? Because you have to think about from a customer’s perspective that they’re busy moms and dads who can only dance to one or two songs before they go back to their kids, before they go back to their lives. So you really want to give people an opportunity to consume your content differently. So if you don’t believe me, go check after this interview, check on YouTube when you hit dance, where fitness fitness videos, you will see there are so many of them says two minute abs, seven minute abs, 30 minute workout, first morning routine.

So definitely don’t box you in yourself in to consider that that’s the only way. Oh my forty five minute class, that’s the only product. Also when you sell individual videos, when you package them as products, some of you may say, oh, I love this playlist, I really like the songs. One, two, three, five, eight. Then they can create their own little video so they can create their own little playlist. So there are so many ways for you to productize in this manner.

OK, cool, cool, cool. OK, so my one of my very last questions and which is could be copyrighted and I’d be hearing a lot about copyright and how copyright is so integral to digital marketing. It’s so integral if you’re going to sell anything online, online, us online, this online that so what, what is copyrighted, because I’m sure a lot of people are wondering, OK, copyrighted, what is copyrighted and how is this so important?

Is selling is selling Lifestream concept.

Yeah, exactly. So I spent ten years in digital marketing consulting, so I’ve always worked with copywriters, essentially their writers. First the writer, they probably the industry where degree marketing, they love writing. The the biggest difference without giving you all sort of the Wikipedia approach is copy writing is shorter, is more concise, unfortunately. And sometimes in today’s day and age, copy writing is super hyped. I’m not a fan, really hyped and in a way copywriting.

So what I mean by that is we’ve all seen those articles that how to make something, you know, how to do is wait. How do those thirty pounds in a month, how do in ten days these are more hyped copywriting. You know, it comes out of course, you know, it’s an authentic so is when I hear the word copywriting. Right. You want to take a look at the people that you look up to respect and why not?

Because they made a lot of money is because they deliver their upon their promises. That resonates with you, like you in your core, like you have this visceral connection. So good writers. Let’s be specific about people who I think are good writers. I think Seth Godin for if people in Nigeria, not Seth Godin, I think it’s phenomenal copyrighter. She’s not a phenomenal writer. And it just that’s what you want to do. And I think if one take away from this part of the conversation is if you have two types of writing, these are not the same when it comes to encouraging people to join your class, your website.

I love designing websites, all of our websites.

That would be my friend.

Yeah, I want early branding using Squarespace. You will see these examples like you don’t want to go to somebody’s website, website and it just blah, like just a vomit of words. You don’t want words in a sentence, in a few words. What this person is about that’s really copywriting is to make a visceral connection in the shortest amount of time possible. And then please, please practice writing, not just copywriting practice writing. I encourage everybody if there’s a if I can throw a challenge out there for the next seven days on your personal Facebook profile page or use Instagram as your daily journal, write something to connect with your community.

Maybe there’s a new your choreographer. You’re learning how to learn a new dance routine. Talk about talk about what you struggle with. Talk about what you like, what you what you learned. So.

So that encourages you to write what you write on your own, and it’s authentic, it’s your journey and people can relate to it. So that’s what makes it authentic. Thank you. OK, so we had a couple of questions and I would like to read that. So I’m just going to go down. OK, Jason SACE, please, can you expand more on multiscreen and a little onesies, for instance, for us as a dancer? How then are you able to use a song, use a song.

Budd’s sorry, sorry, use a song but then sell your product without getting into trouble with license. That is one problem I have. Yes, I think that’s a good question. Yes. You don’t have rights to the song. Do I know that there are some free songs on? I mean, even on YouTube when I go and I type, then it’s just not fantastic. When you go your type of free downloads, free songs, there are some fantastic.

So how do we do this? But I think we should first answer Jason, who is saying he wants a little bit more expansion on multi stream. So these are more multi stream maybe platforms or I’m trying to understand. I hope Jason is still alive. So can so.

So to address your question, one of the things that you can probably check out is actually all my YouTube channel, which is phase one.

Also w o you type that in. I think you should type that in. Sure will. I think I’ve already because I know that I know that’s I think that’s it, because I go there almost every day.

I believe I also just typed in restring for multiscreen for people, can you look at that website? Also right away and I did include also information right below, not this video, but also on my page.

Yeah, OK. I will I will do this on my page as well. And it will be because of the length so that you can still post more of those links in there for people. So that is the I know we’re still going to do we usually do something we call the highlights. I take snippets of our conversations. So I still do that. So you can stop with all the comments in this and that. And then I will say this as well.

OK, wonderful.

Wonderful. So, yeah, real quick on multi stream and I’ll move on to music licensing. It’s a real, really big deal and deal with that. So with multi stream you go live pretty much everywhere. The platforms you choose and how many. I didn’t even mention that, but there are dozens of platforms that you can go live simultaneously. Would you care about all of that? Probably not. Some of those are even like Chinese platforms. But who knows, maybe you’re going to build an audience.

We have an audience in China.

It’s the most untapped market in terms of video content. And, yeah, we should we should probably do a separate a separate life session on this. But we do the talk. I want to talk about music licensing real quick. It’s a really big deal. And whenever I mention independent musicians or Creative Commons and Creative Commons songs, just indie music, indie musicians, people, dance instructors I work with there, like we really respect what they’re doing is just going to be too hard for us to adopt a new song licensing.

It happens to your life, Lifestream, if you’re using licensed music. Real quick on that, we have seen scenarios both on Instagram as well as on Facebook that they will take it off your music. They they will take it down, moving. So, yeah, some of them might even take it down. So there’s a problem, however, that has not yet happened for Zoom. Right, Zoom Skype. I don’t know who’s using Skype to T.J. It’s kind of slow.

Who’s using Google Hangout to teach dance? Not a lot of people, but Zoom so far. No, people have not Zoom has not cut the music out or destroy your class just yet. To be honest. Be able to ask me in the back of my head. I’m thinking, damn, if this happens one day, it’s big problem. I really hope it doesn’t like I can even go out all the time. I feel like I can make a promise on Zoom you have to say that will never happen.

So it’s a it’s a really big deal. Now there are people who are walking thin lines. I do see instructors who are selling their products, their individual songs. So I will say a few things about that because I know people in the music licensing industry and I’ve written a really long article, which I’ll also post after the session. I’ve written a really long article on how you navigate music licensing. So long story short, it is by design that for you, for us normal people to access music license for for these songs, they made it incredibly difficult.

You all pretty much made you feel like you need an attorney, like a lawyer to help you navigate all of that. Right. That’s what it feels like. And there are websites and companies will ask you questions for you to use the music license, for example, Lovette, how many how many students do you have in your class? How many downloads, how many plays do anticipate this to be things like that for? And you can pay for a license and you can use it.

OK, but what if you’re selling what if you want to sell those you want to set it as a product? Will will will be will be sold. Even if I say maybe. I don’t know. I don’t know what it is, how much it is. But if I step in will still not be sued as I’m profiting from this. So I’m supposed to show profit or do this or do that, knowing that the majority of the content if my teaching is my class.

Yeah, exactly. So I’m not I’m not an attorney and I’m not suggesting everybody to walk the same lines. First and foremost, I have seen instructors certainly under the radar, meaning they’re not super popular yet. They’re another Tim Ferriss. They’re not the stuff going out there. Right. They’re not so easily catchable in the sense that their product, they don’t make their products really hyper visible. There may be people purchasing it kind of under the radar now.

It is a problem. So all of it I’ll send you the article, which you can study. It is very not user friendly, meaning you don’t you probably don’t find the interface to be easily understandable. But there is a way where you submit the song and you have to submit the singers because they’re different cover songs, the same song produced by different people. So you have to go through that process, the like the record label and then say how many basically how many listens.

A lot of these are based on listens and plays and plays. Do you anticipate to be now? I’m going to play a quick scenario. This is why things get complicated. Will I say Will can purchase the course from Lovette, right? I purchased it once. I pay one hundred dollars and then I sit at home. But there’s no way for you to know how many times I watched it. Was it that I did? I now watch it.

A lot of people in the US purchase courses. I never watch and then watch for the next ten years every day sitting on my drive. Ten years. So that’s when it gets complicated. How do we get around this? Well, this is like this is not a sponsored video or message. There are DJs there. There’s one gentleman named D.J. Donny. And I will also include these resources that he has created cover songs and he’s a DJ. So what it means is he basically manipulated the songs for a lack of a better word.

Right. And so there’s a license that he sells officially to the dance instructors. Deejay Donny is his name. And so so then you look at the songs, you say, what can I do with these songs? Still a little bit tricky because they do sound a lot like the original songs. Now, I do want to encourage people at least to consider this because people ask this question and I actually spend weeks trying to look for an answer. I want people to consider the possibility of working with independent musicians and to know that a lot of them have done cover songs and really in their own voice, not only in their own voices, but with additional instrumentals like which means they also produce the songs are a lot of companies and smaller production houses will do this.

A very talented singer. Right. Incredible voice. With a band that reproduce the music, same song, the same song, we’re different was I to be honest, like I personally follow a lot of follow a lot of independent musicians on Spotify and can just want to name a couple of them, like Charac, like a Taric sorry are in. And then there’s also people like Scarlett Pak. I mean, these if you look hard enough, if you look under the genre, you look for the music you’re going to find not only you can find the music, you can use negociate so easily, you build a relationship.

There was a lot of independent artists. So it’s it’s easy and seamless. There’s no back and forth and there’s no company saying, oh, no, it’s time that they support each other, support one another, at least as a backup, you know, maybe something new. Will all of them come up to say, oh, no, you can use these Justin Bieber or whoever. But meanwhile, I always say have a plan B, right? So to build a business, you need a plan B.

Wow. Thank you. I’m like. So much so everybody is against it, so much value. Awesome, thank you so much. My brother just joined online, excited and says thank you. As my younger brother, the school that I love, that we have dad and my granddad. OK, so somebody has a question. The music covers audio and videos be uploaded and profited from on digital platforms. So that’s Jay-Z with the singer he’s all about.

Yes. So let’s see. I want to maybe clarify music of music lovers. Let’s see the upload color.

Audio and videos uploaded and profited from on digital platforms.

Yeah, good question, when you use a. I just want to use a generic name when you use Jane Doe. So in Michigan, United States did an amazing cover song. You’ve been following her a lot on YouTube then that contract and how you leverage her music, her voice is between you and her. So so that’s really interesting. There’s without making the turning this conversation into like a 10 hour span of some sort of music licensing breakdown, which is going to be so fascinating.

I think the music industry needs some serious reinvention is made everybody’s lives incredibly difficult, the very few, the top one percent incredibly rich. And with that said, you can reach out to people on SoundCloud on I. I’m not a musician, so I don’t even know all the platforms, SoundCloud, YouTube, so many places. You want to get my musician right. You want to get in touch. A lot of these independent musicians are not represented by someone.

But even if they do, if they are, you can get in touch with specific parties and you can much more easily negotiate. And if you have questions about maybe some of the Latin or Latin music that I’m referring to, the musicians are referring to, please get in touch with me through D.M. Direct Message on Instagram, or you can just find me on Face World Icon, because I do know, yes, small production music production companies to kind of maybe lead the way.

It really depends on the music you’re looking for. I’m generalizing to say Zoom, but at the end it’s all Latin music, obviously. Yeah.

OK, ok. So guys actually like I said, I mean I say following her on YouTube, I thought our content pretty incredible and are tons of stuff she talks about. And I know I know that you always have something on Skillshare. So when we talk about that before we go and we have a product on Skillshare, where you you also have content providers and creators like us also scaleup. So please talk about. So, yeah.

Thank you for bringing that up. So about a couple of months ago, I realized that I really don’t want everybody to just focus on microphones and cameras and invest more money. I always urge dance, fitness and instructors and musicians to stop at some point when the quality is good enough. It’s not, um, not everything’s under control. You really need to focus on working on your business. And that’s what I’m truly passionate about. Is that the case for everybody who’s ever followed me?

So if you’re interested, go to face WorldCom. Yes, I know I stole my name a little bit differently because it’s Chinese and these were dot com for Lifestream. You’re going to find my newsletter on the products I recommend and then you’re going to find a course under Skillshare. The good news is if you don’t have an account with them, you can sign up for 60 days completely free. After that, you can just cancel it, right? It’s only forty dollars a month.

But if the first sixty days are free with a link I sent to you so you can finish the course, take notes and cancel the account, I’m sure Skillshare does want to hear that from me. But that’s one option. If you’re already there, if you’re already there having to tell you, watch it for free and the content there are going to be much, many more additions to what I’ve done on YouTube very much. Focus on answering your question.

Hey, should you have a website? Should you have an email list? How should you manage the communication with your bike?

Seriously, I need all this. I have my my brain. This is about Ofri. I was talking to my husband yesterday and I was saying, well, I’m tired of trying to do everything myself. And I know right now that a lot of us, we never just thought we needed a lot of content online. I never thought I needed any help. I mean, I’ve done maybe over a thousand shows and I don’t even have any back page story.

I don’t have anything to show that I was on that show, on that show, on that show, but I mean, I’m learning and I’m learning that the world is different. Everything is changing. You need to change as well. So any final words? I don’t think we have any other question. I don’t like to use the word final word. It sounds like somebody to. So. So let’s talk about advices. What tips do you have any last tips on today so that it doesn’t throw us out?

So talk to me.

Yeah. So if you just arrived here, we’ll concluding the conversation, but definitely check out Face WorldCom for Lifestream. That’s one page. You get to basically experience everything, including some of the videos. I hope you’ll follow me on YouTube. I am producing these on Instagram.

Subscribe, follow, follow God’s terms, Jason. Especially you ask her questions, she replies email her. That’s one thing I like about her email. She would reply you I you know my best to be supportive of other people. You are I think you all of you on YouTube, because right now I do devote most of my time on YouTube content and my website is more just more consolidated. I do enjoy my newsletter because that helps me really get in touch with individuals who want to dove deep, want to grow business.

Not everybody want to go a business online. And that’s OK. I know a lot of instructors who have dropped off of my channel. They’re really desperately going back to the gym. You were to ask me. I’m deeply concerned about people who are going back and I just you know, I understand that some of them do need to. But there if you subscribe to my newsletter also on the same page, what will happen is in the upcoming weeks and months, I’m going to create a program, basically a system dedicated to help certain type of dance instructors to fill their classes, stands for fitness instructors to fill their classes to to double to triple their customers requires.

Exactly. Requires the dancers to be really know what they’re doing. They’re charismatic. They know they’re already doing well, but they want to level up. So they’re going to bounce what this show is about level and that level and that level.

So I’m excited about those conversations along with.

This episode of the First World podcast is brought to you by First World LLC, our marketing service agency created for independent creators and businesses. We offer website development, video production, marketing, mentorship to people who want to tell better stories, level up and create a profitable brand. These were a podcast team. Our chief editor and producer, Herman Silvio’s associate producer, Adam Lefort, social media and content manager, Rosta Leon, transcript editor Aleena Almodovar. And lastly, myself, the creator and host of Face World.

Thank you so much for listening.

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