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Mighty Networks’ Mighty Co-Host™: Best AI-Powered Community Builder (2023)

Did you know that one of the best community-building platforms, Mighty Networks‘ AI-Powered Community Builder, also known as Mighty Co-Host™, is now packed with AI features that help you grow your business and your community online? In this article, we will break down the eight AI features available for their Business Plan and up.

What is Mighty Co-Host™?

Mighty Co-Host™ is the first AI community builder powered by Community Design™ and GPT-4. It is now available for all Mighty Networks, along with a set of powerful new AI features designed to help both you and your members experience thriving communities that run themselves.

What are the AI features available through Mighty Co-Host™?

  • Instant Course Outline
  • Make It Better
  • Profile Assist
  • Show Similarities
  • Start a Conversation
  • Suggested Hashtags
  • Icebreaker Suggestions
  • Application Assist

But these are just features, let’s talk about why they work and what our favorite features (by far) are from Mighty Co-Host™!

Mighty Co-Host™ uses AI to help you get UNSTUCK

I have started a few communities using Mighty Networks and most recently it was for a client who focused on the disability communities. This was before Mighty Co-Host™! When it was time for us to come up with the “Your Big Purpose” section, we got a little stuck even after running the podcast and website for a while. We found ourselves overthinking the bigger mission.

Mighty Co-Host™ has an “Open Big Purpose Generator” which allows you to type a sentence or insert a few keywords to get the ideas pumping and offer ideas you can choose from.

Mighty Networks Mighty Co-host

Helps you launch the community 10x faster

Besides the big mission and purpose, creating a Network Name, Tagline and Description can also take up time. Instead, Mighty Co-Host™ gives you suggestions for each section right then and there! You don’t have to open up ChatGPT or Bard to be inspired.

image 18 | Feisworld

Another initial challenge when launching a community is the “Invite Copy”, the first messaging impression your members will see and read through the email. It can feel daunting to write this email when launching your community. Don’t put it off anymore, Mighty Co-Host™ can give you suggestions that are 90% ready to go, and you can edit the final 10% so it sounds and feels more like you.

image 19 | Feisworld

Populates the entire landing page with suggested images and copy

Whether you are new to designing a landing page, or an experienced marketer who has done hundreds of them, you WILL appreciate the fact that Mighty Co-Host™ populates the entire landing page with suggested images and copy based on your community’s existing input. From there, you can easily change the heading, sub-head, call to action, image, and descriptions.

image 22 | Feisworld

Built-in logo generator

If you have a logo, simply upload them. If not, Mighty Co-Host™ can generate logos both in light and dark mode for you. It doesn’t just stop at logo generation, you can also use “Suggestion” to come up with a primary image or video on your about page as well.

image 24 | Feisworld

Create course outlines, instantly

Mighty Co-Host™ Instant Course Outline is an AI feature that helps you create a course outline. It’s available on the web and mobile web for Business Plans and up. 

InstantCourseOutline light | Feisworld

To use Instant Course Outline, you can: 

  1. Create a new space.
  2. Turn on the table of contents feature.
  3. Scroll down and click “Getting Started” under the Instant Course Outline.
  4. Enter your idea for an outline.
  5. Click “Suggest Outline”.

You’ll get a course outline based on your idea that you can edit, reorganize, or start adding content to. 

Makes your writing better

blobid2 | Feisworld

This feature is called “Make It Better” and it is available for Community Plans and up, and for sections such as Quick Posts, Articles, Chats, and Events. Specifically, it can:

  • Fix Spelling and Grammar
  • Shorten 
  • Elaborate
  • Change Tone:
    • Make it Casual
    • Make it Fun
    • Make it Professional
    • Make it Sincere 
    • Make it Witty
MakeItBetter light | Feisworld

Mighty Co-Host™ Profile Assist

Furthermore, a similar feature called “Profile Assist” feature helps you with the “About Me” section by simply asking you 3 questions and then it generates the entire profile for you:

  1. What motivated you to join the community?
  2. What is something you can offer to the community?
  3. What is something unique about you?
ProfileAssistant light | Feisworld

Mighty Co-Host™ Show Similarities

Mighty Co-Host™ can help you find similarities between you and another member of your community. I really like this feature because it instantly connects me with a person I don’t know much about. Seeing our similarities helps break the ice and makes it easier to start a conversation.

I tested this feature with Maya, the Mighty Community Manager. This is only the beginning. It’s clear to me that the more I engage in the community, the more helpful similarities and characters are going to surface between me and another member. How exciting!

Screenshot 2023 09 09 at 12.34.49 AM | Feisworld
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Mighty Co-Host™ and implications for inclusive communities and abilities

The existing Mighty Co-Host™ AI features are positive steps towards more inclusive communities for people with all abilities, and it’s only the beginning. I hope to see even more useful AI features in the near future. For example:

Content Accessibility

  • Text Summarization: AI can condense lengthy articles, making them more accessible for individuals with cognitive or attention-related challenges.
  • Alternate Content Presentation: AI can transform content into various forms, e.g., converting text to audio or vice-versa, to cater to individuals with visual or auditory impairments.

Promoting Inclusive Language and Automate Moderation

  • AI can be trained to identify and flag non-inclusive, biased, or offensive language in written content. This helps in ensuring that communications are more respectful and inclusive.

Language Translation and Video Subtitling

  • Instant translations can make content accessible to non-native speakers or those from different linguistic backgrounds, promoting inclusivity on a global scale.
  • For video content, AI can provide real-time subtitling, making content more accessible to the deaf or hard-of-hearing community.

Personalized Content and Learning

  • AI can customize content based on individual preferences or needs. For people with learning disabilities, AI can adapt materials to suit their learning styles or pace.

Community Engagement

  • AI writers (like ChatGPT) can generate content tailored for specific communities, helping organizations better engage with diverse groups.
  • They can also assist in analyzing community feedback, making it easier to understand and address concerns.

Conclusion: Mighty Co-Host™ AI Features

I was quite happy with Mighty Co-Host™’s AI features. They are easy to understand and simple to execute. I believe this when real AI adoption happens, which is all about giving people what they need to get unstuck.

Mighty Co-Host™’s AI features may not feel fancy, but they are useful. As a community manager for a few client projects, the getting started part is often the most difficult. Engaging new members can be challenging for those who are less familiar with platform features, other members, rules and regulations, and virtual community setup in general.

I also noticed in the past that some members find it hard to express their questions and feelings in a text format, in which case, the “Make It Better” feature is going to help those people write faster and engage more frequently. Along the way, perhaps they will get more comfortable writing their own original content.

What do you think of Mighty Co-Host™’s AI features from Mighty Networks? Please let me know in the comments below.

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