Munch releases new features (February 2024)

Munch Releases New Features Including Safezones, Title Overlay, And Publish Manager. Makes AI Video Editing A Breeze (2024)

Munch is on a mission to keep evolving and ensuring its platform remains a top pick for business folks, marketers, creators, and media gurus. Today, the announced the introduction of some fantastic new features aimed at making the video creation and management process a breeze. From giving your edits that extra zing to making video management a walk in the park, Munch has got you covered.

We’ve been using Munch since November 2023 and it has radically changed our workflow and ways of working when it comes to content repurposing. As a matter of fact, we’ve put together this guide in the past, to help guide you through exploring the best AI tool(s) for your business.

Let’s have a look at the new features that Munch has to offer.

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Munch New Features (February 2024)

Watch the video tutorial

Safe Zones

Stressing about how your video looks on different platforms? Munch’s Safe Zones feature lets you preview and tweak your clips to ensure they shine everywhere. It’s their way of helping you make sure your content not only fits but stands out.

HOW: In the Edit Clip > Click on Safe Zones (above the timeline) > Choose the platform > adjust the subtitles accordingly

Munch Releases New Features (Februrary 2024)

Autotitles for That Extra Spark

Munch is making it simpler to keep your audience in the loop. With Autotitles, you can slap a catchy headline on your clip that sticks around, perfect for giving a heads-up or teasing what’s next.

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Directly Hit YouTube Shorts

Munch is smoothing the path to short-form content glory. Now, you can shoot your videos straight over to YouTube Shorts, complete with all the fixings, right from Munch. It’s about getting your content out there with fewer clicks.

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Publish Manager, Your New Best Friend

Meet the new hub for all things ready to publish. The Publish Manager tab lets you track, tweak, and time your video releases like a pro. It’s like having a personal assistant for your content.

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A Fresh Look for the Account Page

Munch has spruced up the account page, making it super easy to handle your Munch affairs. From billing updates to password changes, everything’s at your fingertips, hassle-free.

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Clip Extension (Just for Pros)

Munch is handing Pro users the reins with Clip Extension, allowing more room to play around and get that perfect video length. It’s about crafting your content to perfection.

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SRT Downloads for SEO Magic

Elevate your video’s search game with downloadable .srt files for subtitles, a nifty feature for boosting SEO and making your content a hit on platforms like YouTube.

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Learn More About Munch

Munch is just warming up with these updates. In these videos, we go through some of the breakthrough features and compare it against its competition.

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