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How to Build a Video Repurposing Business with AI (2024)

One of the most popular blog posts written on Feisworld is Best AI Content Repurposing Tool For Video And Audio: Our 8 Favorites (2024), which sparked several conversations around how to build profitable businesses based on the new AI tools we now have access to.

In this article, let’s talk about the process and what you need to know to build your short-form video repurposing business with Munch AI (as an example). Regardless of the AI tool you choose to establish your business, the evaluation and execution will be rather similar.

Let’s dive right in!

Please note: we are talking about leveraging existing AI tools such as Munch AI to build a content repurposing business. We are NOT talking about custom programming, data science, or building an AI Automation Agency. In short, no programming experience is required for the steps and skills shared here.

Deep Dive Into the AI Tool(s)

Before you can leverage single or multiple AI tools to build your business, you need to first gain a thorough understanding of how they function, what makes them stand out, and any limitations they may have.

Munch AI Tip: For example, Munch AI focuses on features that are especially beneficial for short-form content production, such as quick generation of ideas, concise content creation, and adaptation to various short-form platforms.

Know Your (Core) Audience

Explore and then decide who you want to focus on as your audience. There are many creators and companies who need short-form video content, for example:

  • Podcasters
  • YouTubers
  • Livestreamers
  • Webinar hosts
  • Live event managers (in-person or virtual events)

Their needs and budgets may differ a great deal you need to be aware of and plan accordingly.

Identify Your Short-Form Content Niche

It’s not just any short-form content, you need to determine the specific type of short-form content you want to focus on, such as social media posts, short videos, or microblogs. This process will have you consider the right platforms where this content will be most effective, like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Munch AI Tip: Munch AI offers content creation publishing to many major social platforms. We have found them incredibly helpful in promoting our own content, as well as our clients.

image 1 | Feisworld

Based on your audience, their preferred platforms may be different. Some like to focus on a single or a couple of channels, while others may want to experiment with as many as possible platforms before narrowing down what works.

Develop a Targeted Business Plan

Putting together your core audience and a content niche means you will craft a business plan, which addresses the creation and distribution of short-form content. Your plan should include a clear understanding of your target audience, the unique value proposition of using AI in short-form content, and a monetization strategy.

Assemble a Specialized Team

The good news is that you can start the business on your own! If you are a tech consulting and marketing agency veteran like me, you probably already have skills such as project management, basic design, copywriting, and others. It’s possible to juggle a few clients on your own terms, and you will learn a ton along the way.

However, as your business continues to grow, you will want to build a team that has expertise in short-form content creation, including writers, video editors, social media managers, and digital marketers. I’m a big fan of building a small and effective team.

Streamline Your Production Workflow

Remember to integrate AI into your workflow for generating content ideas, drafting scripts, or creating initial content layouts. It’s essential to develop a process that allows for rapid production and iteration, which is crucial for short-form content.

Munch AI Tip: Your team can leverage AI tools like Munch AI to enhance productivity and creativity. Munch AI has built-in analytics features to help you identify clips with topics, keywords and more. In addition, you can edit these AI-generated short-form videos directly inside Munch without leaving the platform, AND you are able to schedule them to the desired social platforms, making Munch AI an all-in-one solution at an affordable price.

Develop a Strong Marketing Strategy

Because there are more AI-powered content agencies popping up regularly, you will inevitably face growing competition. Therefore it makes creating a content marketing strategy crucial in the success of your business. Your strategy needs to showcase unique aspects of your short-form content agency, focusing on how AI integration adds value, and above all, how you and your team are experienced and qualified to get the job done better than anyone else.

Interested in consulting us on how to build your profitable content marketing agency? Book a consulting call here.

Implement Rigorous Quality Control

As part of your content marketing strategy, it’s worth clarifying if there are humans in the loop! By that, we mean establishing a robust quality control process. While AI can generate content quickly, human oversight is essential to ensure that the final output is polished, engaging, and tailored to the target audience.

Next, think about what quality control means to your business, and what levels of quality outputs can you produce in different pricing packages.

Pricing tip: it’s not always about charging as much or as little as possible. Instead, think about the needs of your customers, talk to them, and figure out what’s important to them. Don’t work inside a bubble, asking and listening to their answers is key to understanding how to create the right pricing strategy that delivers quality products.

Client Acquisition and Relationship Management

Instead of going after just about any client, focus on building relationships with brands and clients that seek dynamic, meaningful short-form content. Better clients bring better business, less stress, and more creative growth for both parties.

At Feisworld, we primarily focus on businesses that are also passionate and strategic creators. Repurposing content should be part of an existing business strategy that brings in more awareness, leads, and sales. When the client is aware of that, it makes the sales process a lot easier.

Client relationships are very important so be sure to communicate with your clients regularly, and listen to their feedback intently.

There will be difficult conversations about AI content because there are still many limitations and imperfections. It’s your responsibility as a content business owner to help other businesses understand what AI tools can and cannot do. This is an iterative process and regular updates will be needed given the speed of change we are living in.

The world of short-form content is fast-paced and constantly evolving. Stay ahead of trends and be willing to quickly adapt your strategies and content styles.

Financial Management and Growth Track

In order to keep running your business, you need to keep a close eye on your agency’s financial health and growth metrics. Make sure to use real data for informed decisions about maintaining your business at the current growth speed, scaling up, or diversifying your services.

Legal and Ethical Compliance

Very few people can fully understand or speak to AI legal and compliance-related issues. However, we need to stay up to date as much as possible as business owners. This means that we need to ensure that all content produced complies with legal standards, particularly in terms of copyright and originality. If your client didn’t produce the content, or they do not have the right to access it, you also cannot produce short-form (or any form of) content from it. Having clear, and often, written/traceable approvals is key. On the flip side, you need to be transparent and clear about the use of AI in content creation.

For example, if your agency is using tools such as Munch AI to produce short-form content, it’s important to let your clients know that an AI video repurposing tool is in the mix, even if you human-verify and edit the content afterward and before publishing.

Conclusion: short-form video repurposing business with AI

By focusing on these areas, you can effectively leverage Munch AI in building a successful short-form content production agency. Remember, the key to success in this field is the ability to produce high-quality, engaging content at a rapid pace, something that AI can significantly assist with.

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