PodIntelligence Review: BEST AI Software For Repurposing Audio And Video? (2023)

Are you an accomplished creator with years of experience, and 50+ episodes of podcasts, video content, and webinars under your belt? If so, you may be struggling to do more with the content you have created. I know I have! Instead of waiting for a solution that meets my needs, Adam Leffert and I decided to launch the very tool we’d love to use every day.

So we launched PodIntelligence in early 2022 and welcomed over a dozen creators to join in to test our beta, and provided invaluable feedback. That’s right, PodIntelligence is an AI tool designed by the creator and developer behind Feisworld Media.

As I’m writing this article, we have just launched PodIntelligence 2.0 – a clip browser that allows you to access any amount of micro-content generated from your dozens or hundreds of hours of content, relating topics, and keywords within single or multiple episodes.

Intrigued? Read on!

What is PodIntelligence?

PodIntelligence is the only AI-powered, human-verified software to help you create micro-content that drives macro impact. PodIntelligence can process one or many more hours of audio or video content, allowing you to access, filter, and relate keywords, topics, and speakers across multiple episodes of your podcast, webinar, and long-form content.

Who is PodIntelligence for?

PodIntelligence is designed with experienced and accomplished content creators in mind, who have created at least 20-30 hours of published content. PodIntelligence eases the frustration of difficult-to-navigate long-form content and enables creators and businesses to do more with what they already have.

PodIntelligence Key Features

1. Multiple filters and free-text search across hundreds of hours of content

  • Filter on hundreds or thousands of clips based on Client, Episode, Keyword, Speaker, Media (audio, video, or both), Clip Range, and Duration
PodIntelligence free-text search
  • Free text search across all your content
  • Instantly download the selected audio or video – no conversion or export is needed. The clips are already made and stored for instant download
  • Ability to view the video or audio with transcription provided in a window next to the clip
  • Playback speed available for replay
  • Hide / Color clip cards as needed
  • “Shuffle clips” feature to quickly shuffle what is seen on the page, giving creators an alternative way to find a variety of clips
PodIntelligence display view

2. Transcripts for all episodes at no extra charge

You can navigate to transcripts for all episodes available under the “Transcripts” tab as part of your deliverable. Most machine transcription services still charge $5-10 per hour, hence making mass content processing expensive. PodIntelligence provides the data intelligence as well as transcripts with a one-time fee, no subscription needed.

PodIntelligence Transcripts Feature

3. Word clouds to easily identify keywords and topics

Word Clouds are available for all episodes under the “Word Clouds” tab. It’s also part of your deliverable, allowing creators to easily scan keywords and topics from a given episode.

My trick? Instead of only looking at the biggest word in the word cloud (i.e. most frequently appeared keywords), I look to the edges, in the middle, for those surprising things that surface during my interviews. They haven’t stopped surprising me yet and help me create the best and most engaging micro content for social media.

PodIntelligence Word Clouds


PodIntelligence comes with two standard pricing options. $50 for single course content, or $2,000 for up to 50 episodes for batch processing.

However, you can also choose to process in a batch of 5 or 10 episodes at a time, and PodIntelligence’s team will help you keep track of what’s remaining. There’s no subscription either, it’s a simple pay as you go model.

PodIntelligence Pricing

The first episode is free, so try PodIntelligence by submitting one of your episodes and see for yourself.

Why work with PodIntelligence

AI software for micro-content creation is becoming a crowded space with many players. Why choose PodIntelligence?

  • PodIntelligence (PI) is run by successful content creators and technologists who care about you and your business. That’s us! I have been running my podcast since 2014, launched a podcast-inspired documentary series on Amazon, and now have a monetized YouTube channel with over 2.6 million views. My partner Adam Leffert has over 40 years of development experience and is a full-stack developer and creator.
  • We are the only one in its class that offers human verification in addition to AI processing to give you the highest-quality assets. It’s a ton of extra work, but time is well spent.
  • In addition to human verification, PodIntelligence offers to provide client-level and episode-level customization. We can help you easily add or remove keywords that may not be relevant to your content.
  • PodIntelligence is a self-funded, organically grown company to serve you, not other stakeholders.
  • We take on a handful of clients each month, so you will have their fullest attention with a dedicated and experienced team. PodIntelligence is more expensive than the other options listed in this guide, but also the one with the best and most direct customer support.

What is NOT available inside PodIntelligence?

  • Given the customization and human verification step, PodIntelligence is not a self-service tool. Whether you are processing 1 or 100 episodes, you need to submit the raw assets via DropBox or Google Drive. We usually turn the results around within a few business days with your login, a custom tutorial just for you and your team.
  • We spend our time focusing on AI algorithms and optimization. PodIntellignece doesn’t have a candy-like interface seen in the other examples. With that said, its AI output is very good in both quality and quantity. You can expect to receive about 30 micro-content (under 1 min) from a one-hour video or audio
  • PodIntelligence’s primary focus is quality AI results, working with our clients based on their needs. It does not have built-in video editing tools or caption tools. You will need to rely on the built-in editing features on social media apps (i.e. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok), or better, consider using editing tools such as CapCut, Filmora, or Final Cut Pro.


Choosing the right AI tool for your content and your business is important. Investing the time to research and test out these tools is worthwhile. Don’t get caught up in shiny objects, or fancy ads with the perfect copy to attract your attention. Instead, try things out and decide for yourself.

There are still many limitations to AI. As much as many tools promise to deliver perfect results. In reality, most outputs regardless of their formats (audio, video, text) still need human verification and revision. This is something to keep in mind when evaluating AI tools – the quality of their outputs is key, as opposed to other add-on features.

At PodIntelligence, we thrive on the same beliefs as Feisworld Media. We help our clients succeed by providing the best products and customer support. If you are interested in learning more about PodIntelligence, feel free to drop us a line at podintelligence(at)gmail(dot)com, and consider submitting your first episode to be processed for free.

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