Google announced Gemini: the new name for Google Bard

Google Bard Is Now Called Gemini, Offers Mobile App And Paid Subscription With Ultra 1.0 Model (2024)

Google was late in the game with the introduction of their Bard AI, compared to ChatGPT. Recently, they announced a big name change to Gemini, along with new core features such as a mobile app, and a new Ultra 1.0 model which is paid.

At Feisworld, we use Google Bard pretty much every day, and we’ve covered plenty of times how we leverage it for many use cases, including YouTube, Email Marketing, and even translations.

Let’s have a look at what’s new with Gemini!

Google Bard is now Google Gemini

Google Gemini: The New Name For Google Bard (What’s New)

Gemini represents a significant leap forward, now fluent in over 40 languages and accessible globally. This evolution from Bard to Gemini isn’t just a rebranding; it’s an upgrade to how we can leverage AI for creative and technical tasks. For a content-centric team like ours at Feisworld, Gemini’s enhanced capabilities mean we can push the boundaries of what’s possible in content creation, from brainstorming sessions to executing complex projects.

Gemini Advanced: A Game-Changer for Content Creators

The introduction of Gemini Advanced is particularly exciting. Powered by the Ultra 1.0 model, this version is designed to handle highly complex tasks with ease. It’s like having an always-on, highly skilled team member dedicated to helping us tackle everything from advanced coding challenges to creative content generation.

The depth of conversation and understanding Gemini Advanced brings to the table is something we’re eager to integrate into our workflow.

Gemini Mobile App

The launch of the Gemini mobile app for both Android and iOS is a boon for content creators who need to stay agile and responsive. Being able to access Gemini’s capabilities directly from our smartphones means we can bring our AI assistant with us, wherever our projects may take us. Whether it’s generating ideas, drafting content, or getting instant feedback on a concept, the mobile app ensures Gemini’s powerful AI is always just a tap away.

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A Responsible Approach to AI Development

Google’s commitment to safety, ethics, and responsible AI development is a critical aspect of the Gemini rollout. Knowing that extensive safety checks and ethical considerations have been integrated into Gemini’s development gives us confidence. As a company deeply embedded in content creation and marketing, Feisworld values these responsible practices (that’s why we wrote about AI disclaimers too), as they align with our commitment to producing high-quality, trustworthy content for our clients.

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