Ajit George and Tripti Chandorkar

The Shanti Bhavan Impact (@ShantiBhavanSchool) with Ajit George (COO) and Tripti Chandorkar (#351)

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Our guests today: Ajit George and Tripti Chandorkar

A number of years ago after watching the Netflix series, “Daughters of Destiny”, I decided to interview the COO of Shanti Bhavan, Ajit George.

Years later, I was sitting down for dinner with my dear friend Tripti Chandorkar and found out she had been a sponsor for the Shanti Bhavan project for years. Through sponsorship, Tripti is able to sponsor a child at the school which helps pay for every aspect of a child’s schooling, including housing, food, and medical care.

It’s a privilege to sit in this conversation and listen to their stories as a COO and a sponsor. They were able to learn so much from each other’s experiences too.

Together we hope you enjoy this episode, share with a friend and learn more about this incredible organization.

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