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YouTube Research Tab – How to Use Search Insights to Fill Content Gaps

Long story short: In this video I’ll show you how to use the YouTube Research Tab (aka built-in research tool for YouTube) to create more relevant content that your viewers are searching for.

What Is YouTube Research Tab?

You can use the Research tab in YouTube Analytics to explore what your audience, and viewers across YouTube, are searching. This can help you discover content gaps and is a starting point for research to create new videos that viewers are interested in.

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Why You Should Use the Research Tab as a YouTube Creator

You can explore what your audience and viewers are searching for without paying for another service such as TubeBuddy or vidIQ. It’s a great starting point to help you discover content gaps as part of your planning process.

Limitations With the YouTube Research Tab

For experienced YouTube creators, the Research Tab seems to provide more meaningful information because there’s more data around your content.

However, for newer YouTube creators and those who are less consistent with content creation on YouTube, the Research Tab isn’t as useful. This is based on analyzing channels I have seen with fewer than a few hundred subscribers.

In which case I recommend tools such as TubeBuddy and vidIQ.

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