How to build sales funnel from your phone in 10 minutes

Phonesites: Build Sales Funnels From Your Phone in 10 Minutes (2023)

Phonesites is the easiest way to build unlimited mobile-optimized, fast-loading sales funnels right from your phone, bundling a great AI-writer. Build in under 10 minutes without any tech skills, training or prior experience. Follow up via SMS & email automatically. Simply put, Phonesites is one of the best AI-powered tools for businesses in 2023.

Best for: Business owners and sales professionals that want to build their own lead gen system without investing a lot of time, effort, & money into learning more complex systems.

Phonesites Logo (2023)

Ongoing offer

FREE Trial, plus 20% OFF your yearly subscription when you sign-up for Phonesites

What Is Phonesites?

Phonesites helps small businesses turn visitors into leads. It lets you easily build landing pages from your phone and use AI to do all the writing. With Phonesites you can set up custom messages, videos, graphics, text or font styles and other elements using predefined templates, adding headlines, text, images and YouTube videos to web pages in a drag-and-drop style.

Additionally, you get a centralized dashboard and visibility into created websites, leads and number of visits. PhoneSites has integration with several third-party systems such as Zapier, LeadOwl, Mailchimp, Twilio, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft and more.

Phonesites Review 2023
Phonesites offers powerful features to help small and large business build leads

How Does Phonesites Work?

Phonesites offer a proprietary mobile builder that lets you create pages from your phone or desktop in just minutes. Phonesites claim to be the easiest and fastest way to start collecting leads.

Key features

Some of its key features are:

  • Drag-and-drop builder.
    The Phonesites editor is as easy as using google docs or Microsoft Word.
  • Mobile-first platform.
    Build and edit from any device. We give you total freedom to create!
  • Pre-made websites.
    Access to 500+ pre-built, high-converting templates.
Phonesites templates 2023
  • One-click customization.
    Customize and change the look of your pages in one click.
  • Embed videos and gifs.
    Easily add videos from Youtube and Vimeo and convert more leads.
  • Pop-up widget.
    Embed pop-up widgets to collect leads on any website built on any platform.
  • Surveys and quizzes.
    Create multi-step surveys that collect data and convert like crazy! 
  • Lead generation pages.
    Build simple pages to collect customer information.
  • Accept payments.
    Simply integrate with stripe and make any page a checkout page.

Phonesites Walkthrough

If you are using Photosites for the first time, check out their onboarding guide.

How Much Does Phonesites Cost?

Phonesites is a cloud-based service that offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions. They offer a free trial period, plus 20% off any yearly plan.

They offer three tiers: Essential ($79), Unlimited ($119) and Unlimited+ ($179). The main lies in the number of brand domains, AI writer credits and Pulse cards.

Phonesites Monthly Subscriptions

Phonesites yearly prices are $795 for Essential, $995 for Unlimited and $1495 for Unlimited+

Phonesites Yearly Subscriptions

On their website, you can compare the features bundled in each package. Note that the Essential package has a limited number of leads and landing pages

Phonesites package differences 2023

Phonesites: Is It Worth It?

Phonesites is one of the best AI-powered tools for businesses in 2023. Phonesites can help small businesses create beautiful-looking and optimized websites in under 10 minutes directly from your phone. There are alternatives to Phonesites, such as Clickfunnel, Leadpages, Mailchimp or Swipe pages, but their focus is not exactly the same. Those services also help you generate leads with sales funnels but are more oriented toward CRM or mailing lists.

While Phonesites can be pricey for beginners, it helps you reduce the amount of time you spend creating and launching new sales funnels. It is particularly useful for agencies, freelancers and small businesses that are focused on building these types of funnels.

Some great features from Phonesites are access to over 500+ templates, unlimited brand domains, and the AI writer that is bundled.

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