Podcastle Revoice: Clone YOUR Voice With AI (2023)

Podcastle Revoice: Clone Your Voice With AI (2023)

Have you heard of Podcastle Revoice? We have talked about Podcastle several times in the blog, as one of the game-changing tools for Podcasters, and one of the fundamental AI-powered tools to help you grow your business in 2023.

Recently, they launched some new AI features, one of them called Revoice. Podcastle Revoice brings generative AI technology to audio creation, allowing you to create a digital copy of your own voice. Yes, YOUR own voice.

The technology has been shown before, for example, NVIDIA used Riva Studio and Audio2Face to bring generative AI and voice creation to NVIDIA Omniverse. However, those platforms are complex and not at hands of content creators, like us. Podcastle is bringing the same technology to small businesses and creatorpreneurs for a very reasonable price.

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Podcastle Revoice: Clone your voice with AI (2023)

What Is Podcastle Revoice?

Podcastle Revoice gives you the ability to create a digital copy of your own voice using Podcastle’s AI technology (generative AI). Your digital voice can be used to create audio with the ease and simplicity of a text document. With Revoice, automating podcast intro & outro, ad reads, voiceovers or even entire episodes can be generated directly from your keyboard.

Podcastle Revoice brings generative AI technology to audio creation, allowing you to create your digital voice. The power is literally at your fingertips. Just type out your content, and let Podcastle AI seamlessly create a crisp audio file with your digital voice into the track.

Automate your workflow. Podcastle Revoice lets you save countless hours by taking care of repetitive tasks. From podcast intros to ad segments, voiceovers to entire episodes, you can generate whatever you need in your natural voice just by writing up a script and letting Podcastle AI do the rest!

Create audio content anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re at the airport, on the beach, or doing your day job, you can quickly generate audio content even if you don’t have access to your equipment and a quiet space. Just log into Podcastle, type what you need, and create with the click of a button.

Podcastle Revoice Walkthrough (Video)

How to Use Podcastle Revoice?

With Podcastle Revoice, you can generate a digital copy of your voice in three simple steps:

  1. Record & submit a voice sample. You will be asked to record yourself reading 70 sentences. Your progress will be auto-saved, so this can be broken up into multiple recording sessions.
  2. Sit back while Podcastle’s AI works its magic. Within 24 hours, their AI model will process your voice sample into your personal voice skin.
  3. Start creating with your digital voice. Once your digital voice is generated, you’ll be able to find it under the “My Voices” menu in your account.

What about security? With Revoice, only you can create a digital copy of your voice, and only those with access to your account will be able to use it. Podcastle follows a strict technical process, which requires a live recording of 70 specific sentences to allow their AI model to generate your digital voice.

Podcastle Revoice: How Does It Work?

Podcastle Revoice Key Features

  1. Realistic voices. You will be asked to record yourself reading 70 different sentences. Your progress will be auto-saved, so your sample can be broken up into multiple recording sessions.
  2. Multiple voices. Combine multiple voices – such as co-hosts or “special guests” – to create a natural back-and-forth that mimics a realistic dialogue.
  3. Edit your audio like a Google Doc. Save the time and effort necessary for re-recording tracks by editing your audio files as easily as a text document.
  4. No restrictions on length or vocabulary. Your digital voice can say everything you can say, and possibly more! Go ahead, test out its pronunciation of Cthulhu or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Podcastle Revoice FAQ

Podcastle Revoice: The Bottom Line

Podcastle Revoice is a fantastic tool to streamline and automate your workflow if you are a Podcaster or editor that has to deal with audio. The ability to clone your own voice opens the door to simplify content creation, making it even more ubiquitous than ever.

Looking forward to testing out Revoice and seeing it in action. For its price, I definitely believe it is a total game changer and one of the best AI-powered tools in 2023.

Want more AI tools for your podcast? Try Podintelligence.

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