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Roman Tomanov: Born with a Set of Straps – Then and Now.


meet roman tomanov

Roman Tomanov (@romantomanov) was born in Moscow, Russia inside a circus family. His father was his coach. He began public performances at the age of 5. 


After immigrating to the US (and residing in Las Vegas at a young age), Roman has performed with the largest theatrical production company in the world, Cirque du Soleil. His most recent appearance is with KURIOS the Cabinet of Curiosities.

If you can\’t see the player above, listen and download the audio here.

In addition to aerial acts, Roman is a trained performer in bungee, trampowall, flying harness, break dance and movie stunts. 

What’s interesting about this conversation is that Roman and I didn’t intend it to be a podcast episode. Therefore you’ll find the style a bit different than previous episodes, my questions are shorter, so are Roman’s answers in many cases. Rapid fire Q&A style. 

Roman In Action

Roman\’s Circus Career in a Nutshell 

At the age of 9, Roman won his first prestigious \”Silver Clown Award\” at the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo, which was created in 1974 by H.S.H. the Prince Rainier III of Monaco to promote circus arts. 

In the following years, Roman continued to win international competitions including a Bronze Metal at the Wuhan International Acrobatic Art Festival, a Bronze Trophy at the 5th International Circus Festival in Rome Italy, and a Silver Metal at the Festival of Mondial de Demain in Paris France. 

Recognized with the Bronze Metal at the 5th International Circus Festival in Budapest Hungary, Roman competed against the most prominent performers of the Circus Arts in the world. In the same year, Roman took Gold Medal at the European Youth Circus Competition in Weisbaden Germany. Next to the circus festivals in Paris and Monte Carlo, the European Youth Circus is the most prestigious event of its kind in Europe.

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Roman with his fans 







Show Notes

  • [04:00] The origin stories of where it all began

  • [04:30] Training in Korea

  • [05:00] Your father, your coach.

  • [05:30] Roman\’s 9-year old twin sisters and performance in America\’s Got Talent

  • [06:00] Training to become a professional

  • [07:00] Working with brother Vitali Tomanov in KUIROS (Cirque du Soleil)

  • [08:00] Growing up in Las Vegas

  • [08:30] Meeting parents and siblings for the first time at age 5

  • [09:00] First performance on stage

  • [10:00] Circus straps acts

  • [11:00] Changing the types of straps as Roman gets older

  • [13:00] Stage fright. No way.

  • [14:00] Story behind KURIOS

  • [18:00] Watching other circus shows as a performer

  • [21:00] 4 years in Macau, China

  • [23:00] Zaia

  • [23:30] A Day in the Life of a Circus Actor

  • [24:30] Alternative career path?

  • [25:30] Roman on music production (one of his interests)

  • [26:00] Managing and recovering from injuries


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