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Sean McDonald: How to Create a Content-Based Marketing and Sales Strategy (#343)

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Our guest today: Sean McDonald

Sean McDonald is the Content Programme Director at BoardPro, a Board Management Software & Board Portal.

Prior to joining BoardPro, Sean founded Sales System, as well as MOBIT Messaging and Marketing Automation (which was acquired by Engage Media LLC in 2018).

What I find most interesting about Sean’s approach to marketing and sales is choosing to build a content-based business that does not rely on ads and direct sales alone.

Sean organizes and hosts weekly webinars at BoardPro that invites engaging conversation with industry experts, providing strategies and tactics for people in the industry.

The consistency and quality of these webinars really help BoardPro stand out from the crowd, and is also what connected us.

We are going to unveil exactly how Sean goes about creating a content strategy that works! This conversation is not just for tech and software companies, but any business that wishes to learn how to get started in creating a content-based marketing and sales strategy.

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