YouTube Studio Changes in Ad Controls (2023)

YouTube Studio to Revamp Ad Controls for Optimized Creator Earnings (2023)

Big news for YouTubers! Later this year, YouTube Studio plans to enhance its ad controls to better serve creators’ earnings. Starting November, new videos uploaded will not have individual ad controls for pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, and non-skippable ads.

This means viewers might see any ad format when creators activate ads. YouTube aims to ensure both a surge in revenue and a positive viewer experience by considering factors like the duration viewers watch ads and the number of ad interruptions.

This new system will be limited to new uploads. Older videos will maintain their ad settings unless manually changed. Creators will still command control over mid-roll ad placements.

YouTube Studio Ads Controls
What are Ad Controls in YouTube Studio, as of today?

Ad Controls Changes in YouTube Studio: What’s Changing?

YouTube is adopting this change to align with best practices and boost creator incomes. Data from the past year revealed that over 90% of monetized long-form videos already employ these ad formats. Recent experiments in 1H 2023 showed that creators using non-skippable and pre-roll ads experienced a significant increase in YouTube ad revenue.

Furthermore, as mid-roll ads gain popularity in live streams and long-form videos, YouTube is set to offer creators enhanced mid-roll controls. This includes new features for live streaming, such as the option for YouTube to optimize mid-roll ad intervals, a “Delay ads” button, and manual insertion of mid-roll ads. Another anticipated feature will allow the system to select the best time to display ads during long-form videos, considering both YouTube’s suggestions and the creator’s preferences.

Also, a heads-up for those using Content Delivery or the Content ID API: starting November, alterations to monetization settings on past videos will sync with the new system, enabling all ad formats.

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