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LinkedIn AI: Collaborative Articles and Earn Community Top Voice Badges

In March 2023, LinkedIn introduced collaborative articles, a new type of content that LinkedIn publishes with the help of AI and LinkedIn users (LinkedIn AI). In this article, we take a closer look at what it is, whether you should care, and how you contribute to articles related to your domains.

What are Collaborative Articles?

Collaborative articles are a new way to tap into the collective knowledge of the LinkedIn community so you can learn from experts across professional topics, as well as contributing to these articles as an expert or practitioner. These articles range from the common “How do I get a promotion?” to the more specific “How do I advertise to Generation Z?”

Some of the categories I find most interesting are under categories such as Content Strategy, Creator Economy and Artificial Intelligence.

Keep reading to understand the list of categories and sub-categories available for LinkedIn Collaborative Articles.

What are the benefits of interacting and contributing to Collaborative Articles?

There’s no gate or filter as to what can contribute to an article, so everyone is welcome. This allows new creators to engage on LinkedIn and freely interact with other experts in the field.

Furthermore, these Collaborative Articles are generated and created by AI and the LinkedIn community, you would think that they capture relevant topics based on common interests. Yet they are also broad enough so that they are relevant to a larger group of readers, not just the chosen few. This is another plus in my camp as a creator. I don’t have to guess what’s trending on LinkedIn as a platform, and I can focus on what’s being surfaced based on the community’s needs.

Another benefit is the ability in gaining a Community Top Voices Badge that’s visible on your LinkedIn profile. This is a smart play by LinkedIn to attract more contributors towards Collaborative Articles.

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But first, we need to understand what Top Voices are, and the different between Top Voices vs. Community Top Voices. They aren’t the same.

Top Voices vs. Community Top Voices Badges

Members on the platform have the ability to earn one of two versions of Top Voices badging on their profile, either as part of the LinkedIn Top Voices or the Community Top Voices programs.

  • The blue LinkedIn Top Voice badge is invitation only, featuring senior-level experts and leaders.
  • The light gold Community Top Voice badge can be earned based on making noteworthy contributions to collaborative articles on LinkedIn, and is earned for a specific skill on your profile.

How to Earn Community Top Voices Badges

Members can be identified by the light gold Community Top Voice badge.

The Community Top Voices program is separate from the invitation-only Top Voices program, which has different criteria.

You can earn a Community Top Voice badge when members find you to be one of the most noteworthy contributors to collaborative articles for a particular skill. You can earn badges for multiple skills; these will be combined into one badge on your profile. There is no limit to the number of skills for which you can earn a badge.

The Community Voice Top Badge is active for 60 days after you earn it, but may be removed at any time if you post content violates LinkedIn’s guidelines. In order to keep the badge beyond 60 days, your contributions must remain relevant, original, and additive

LinkedIn Top Voices

How to find and contribute to Collaborative Articles?

If this sounds like a worthy endeavor, it’s time to find a few articles and see if you want to add your two cents.

Step 1. Find all collaborative articles


Screenshot 2023 09 06 at 3.37.44 PM | Feisworld

Step 2. Select from the list or articles, or filter using the Category on the right

One of the challenges with Collaborative Articles is navigating to a domain that’s relevant to our work. Therefore I gathered all the categories, sub-categories in a big table for you to more immediately find the section that might interest you.

Remember: you can contribute in more than one category or sub-category.

MarketingProduct Innovation
Influencer Marketing
Marketing Operations
Content Marketing
Event Planning
Retail Marketing
Digital Marketing
Marketing Analytics
Social Media
Brand Development
Public Relations
Brand Strategy
Product Design
Social Media Marketing
Digital Strategy
Creative Strategy
B2B Marketing Strategy
Market Research
Trade Shows
Product Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Live Events
Brand Management
Public AdministrationProgram Coordination
Nonprofit Leadership
Environmental Services
Grant Administration
Non-profit Program Development
Non-profit Management
Social Impact
Volunteer Management
Community Outreach
Social Work
Emergency Management
Community Organizing
Workplace Safety
Urban Planning
Operational Planning
HealthcareHealthcare Management
Motivational Interviewing
Working with Physicians
Patient Advocacy
Case Management
Functional Training
EngineeringData Science
Transportation Planning
Virtual Reality (VR)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Database Administration
Renewable Energy
Machine Learning
Data Architecture
Augmented Reality (AR)
Computer Networking
Data Governance
Web Development
Network Engineering
Agile Methodologies
Software Development
Network Security
Software Testing
Data Visualization
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Operating Systems
Data Analytics
Enterprise Software
Computer Hardware
Talent ManagementNo sub-category
IT ServicesIT Strategy
Technical Support
IT Management
Network Administration
Computer Repair
Software Project Management
Search Engines
System Administration
IT Consulting
IT Operations Management
IT Operations
Data Management
Information Security
IT Outsourcing
Information Technology
Business Administration Management
Project Coordination
Management Consulting
Inventory Management
Business Networking
Risk Management
Business Strategy
Executive Management
Project Management
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Culture Change
Strategic Communications
Data Analysis
Internal Communications
Business Management
Customer Support
Business Coaching
Customer Service Management
Program Management
Change Management
Small Business
Corporate Communications
Product Management
TelecommunicationsMobile Technology
Telecommunication Services
Telecommunications Systems
Mobile Communications
SEONo Sub-Category
HR ManagementPersonal Coaching
Job Search Strategies
Human Resources (HR)
Salary Negotiations
Career Counseling
Career Management
Workplace Design
Training and Development (HR)
Performance Management
Leadership Development Coaching
HR Consulting
Workforce Management
Staff Development
Employee Relations
Career Development Coaching
Career Development
Coaching & Mentoring
HR Operations
Staffing Services
Resume Writing
Global Talent Acquisition
Content Management Conference Organization
Content Development
Creator Economy
Game Development
Event Production
Content Strategy
Web Design
Theatrical Production
Media Production
Computer Graphics
Video Production
Film Production
Game Design
Digital Learning
Financial ManagementPayment Systems
Technical Analysis
Venture Capital
Financial Technology
User Interface DesignUX Research
User Experience (UX)
User Experience Design (UED)
Leisure IndustryHospitality Management
Gaming Industry
Golf Course Management
Vocal Coaching
Sports Management
Food and Beverage ManagementFood Science
Culinary Education
Culinary Management
F&B Operations
TransporationAirline Management
Fleet Operations
Airport Management
SalesIT Sales
Direct Sales
Sales Development
Customer Retention
Customer Service Operations
Social Selling
Sales Prospecting
Sales Management
Import/Export Operations
Lead Generation
Business Relationship Management
Sales Engineering
Account Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Client Relations
Outside Sales
Software Sales
Customer Experience
Automotive Sales
Retail Sales
Sales Operations
Sales Coaching
EducationEducational Leadership
K-12 Education
Higher Education
Educational Technology
Library Services
Personal Development
Administrative AssistanceAdministrative Management
Call Center Administration
Office Administration
Real Estate Commercial Real Estate
Property Management
Commercial Leasing
Real Estate Development
Corporate Real Estate
ConstructionConstruction Management
Building Design
ArtCommercial Design
Commercial Interior Design
Graphic Design
Executive LeadershipNo Sub-Category
ManufacturingManufacturing Operations
3D Printing
Vendor Management
Food Manufacturing
Plant Operations
Transportation Management
Quality Assurance
Product R&D
Process Design
Warehouse Operations
Lean Manufacturing
Logistics Management
Sustainable Design
Quality Management
Supplier Sourcing
Industrial Design
Soft SkillsMotivational Speaking
Time Management
Executive Coaching
People Management
Leadership Development
Team Management
Customer Service
Presentation Skills
Team Building
Interpersonal Skills
Public Speaking
Personal Branding
Team Leadership
Creative Problem Solving
Research Skills
Contract Negotiation
Relationship Building
Analytical Skills
Thought Leadership

Step 3. Click on “Start a contribution” to add your comment to a section of the article

Screenshot 2023 09 06 at 6.53.35 PM | Feisworld
Screenshot 2023 09 06 at 6.54.54 PM | Feisworld

Step 4. Linking and Sharing

If you want to share a link to your specific contribution section (or any other’s), you can click on the three dots (…) and find a direct link. This can be quite useful to repurpose the content by sharing it as a LinkedIn post, Twitter post, or simply passing it around in text messages and emails.

Screenshot 2023 09 06 at 6.55.41 PM | Feisworld

Conclusion: What We Think Of LinkedIn AI Collaborative Articles

Depending on the category and subcategory, I have some some quality responses and reflections from industry experts. (It’s not a junk yard! Contributors are providing value and the space seems well moderated, if there is a moderator).

I also like the ability to contribute my original ideas, as well as replying what others have said.

However, Collaborative Articles is not a replacement for original content creation. Meaning, the content you would create and publish on LinkedIn or elsewhere as posts, blog articles, videos, etc. As with any other feature or platform we have experienced, it can go away without notice. Hence I wouldn’t bet on sharing my perspectively exclusively on LinkedIn Collaborative Articles and nowhere else. It’s part of my progress to create, engage and learn.

With that said, I see LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles as an opportunity for content creators like us to connect with other experts in the field, to be of contribution, and to practice our writing in response to an original content – even though it’s written first by AI in this case.

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences with Collaborative Articles in the comments below. Thanks!

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  1. Loved your perspective on the LinkedIn’s Top Voices badge. I recently earned one in the field of Computer Science as a Software Developer. I hope to make more meaningful contributions to their AI articles in my domain and defend my badge. All I look forward to is connecting, networking and collaborating with fellow industry thought leaders holding similar badges of acknowledgement.

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