7 Ways to Make Your First Affiliate Sale

7 Ways to Make Your First Affiliate Sale (2023)

Do you feel like you are writing a lot without seeing many conversions, if at all, for your affiliate content? Making the first affiliate sale is always the hardest, but there are things we learned over the years to make the process easier, more sustainable, and fun for you as a creator.

Whether you are running multiple affiliate blogs, or perhaps you are just starting out, I hope this article will help you find (even) better ways to make more sales AND create quality content you are proud of.

Background for our blog: We have been focusing a lot on AI and video software on Feisworld to help creators and small business owners work smarter. As a result, we have written a lot and produced video tutorials. We love writing about the tools we love and already use, but we learned that it’s also important for us to explore new technology and share our experiences with our audience.

Here are six ways to make your first affiliate referral.

How to make your first affiliate sale in 2023 (Top 7 Ways)

1. Publish a Blog Post Review

Writing (or recording) your own blog review (text-based) is one of the best-performing tactics to promote any product. It not only helps you rank in Google, but it also gives you something that you can link to when you recommend the product in other content on your site.

Find tips and inspiration in this post.

Best AI Email Marketing Tools in 2023 - Example of how to make an affiliate sale

2. Create a YouTube Video Review

In addition to a blog/text review, a video review on YouTube can help further boost your website’s SEO. When your video ranks on YouTube, it will also help video search results rank on Google. In other words, more people can find you as a result of choosing to publish two different types of content.

Want to turbocharge your content discoverability? Consider creating a blog post with a video review embedded in the blog. Find tips and inspiration in this post.

3. Send Your Link Directly to Your Clients by DM or Email

When you’re a content creator, developer or agency owner, the best way to build your passive income is to recommend the product directly to your pool of clients. Simply share your affiliate link through email, WhatsApp, Slack, or any other messaging app!

4. Create Comparison Blog Posts

Creating comparison blog posts and video reviews can add a lot of value to your audience and increase your chances of conversions (and even doubling it!) When writing about two similar products that are powerful in different ways, your viewer is likely going to choose the one better suited for her situation, and not just a matter of costs or features. It’s a win-win and helps you expose both products to more prospects looking to make a purchase.

Find inspirations in this simple post, or this more comprehensive one comparing multiple learning platforms.

5. Create a Favorite Tools page

Did you know that you can create and consolidate all the tools on a single page for your website? Check out our recommended tools. It’s a simple page yet it gets a lot of attention, including brands and businesses who want to work with you to promote their products. I know creators who’d charge a fee for each spot for a product to be featured on such a page. It also helps others to quickly navigate the tools that matter the most to you.

6. Create Helpful Listicles

You are reading one right now! Listicles are still quite helpful as fun and short reads. There are no hard and fast rules for exactly how to write a listicle. Typically they are anywhere between 5 and 30 items long, but you can make them shorter or longer as needed. I tend to like reading listicles with points that build on each other. Empathy helps too! Try not to start with the most challenging and complex point at the beginning. Rather, point out the obvious and start with something readers will not find intimidating but rather relatable first.

7. Share Free Resources That Trigger Affiliate Sales

While you don’t directly earn commissions from promoting free resources and free trials, they’re a powerful way to introduce people to affiliate products. Consider adding your affiliate link when promoting free trials, tools, and content materials. If someone you sent over signs up for the product after enjoying provided free resources, you’ll earn a referral.

What do you think of these tips? Does any one of them resonate with you? Please let us know in the comments below.

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