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AdCreative.ai v5 Sneak Peak (coming July 2023)

We have written rather extensively about AdCreative.ai in previous articles such as AdCreative.ai Review: Create Ads With AI in Just 3 Clicks (2023), and their recent release of version 4. Today, we are talking about AdCreative.ai v5 and some of the key features you have been waiting for.

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AdCreative.ai V5: Feature Preview

AdCreative.ai v5 new feature preview

AdCreative’s New Drag & Drop Editor

Many AdCreative users have expressed a desire to drag and drop any component onto their creatives after generation. The AdCreative.ai Drag & Drop Editor is coming very soon. With it, you’ll be able to make any changes and add anything to your generated creatives.

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AdCreative’s New Product Image Generator

Take a photo of your product and upload it to the AdCreative platform. They will remove the background and transform it into a professional photo using their AI models. After training their model for six months, this feature will be going live very soon. Imagine not having to spend thousands to hire a professional photographer, for once? This is going to help so many small business owners.

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AdCreative’s New Creative API

Do you believe that AdCreative’s creative generation capabilities could add significant value to your projects? If so, soon you will be able to use their API to seamlessly integrate AdCreative.ai into your products.

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AdCreative’s New Reseller Feature

Some of you have asked about an “Agency” package, soon you can now resell AdCreative.ai to your clients under your own branding and at your desired price. Generate additional revenue with our new feature.

What is AdCreative.ai?

AdCreative.ai is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate ad creatives and social media post creatives aimed at improving conversion rates and user engagement​. It is one of the fastest growing products in its category, and its services include:

  1. Ad Creative Generation: The AI generates conversion-focused ad creatives in a matter of minutes, with the goal of staying on brand and improving conversion and click-through rates​.
  2. Text and Headline Generation: The AI also generates sales-focused texts and headlines tailored to the platform you advertise on, essentially acting as your copywriter​.
  3. Creative Insights: The platform allows users to see which creatives perform the best in their ad accounts at a glance, and its AI learns from your data to deliver more personalized results.
  4. Social Media Creatives: The AI can generate engagement-focused social media post creatives perfectly sized for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter​.
  5. Scalability: The system can generate anything from a single creative to 10,000 creatives a month, designed to match your ad creative/banner needs​.
  6. Designs: The AI understands your brand’s colors and fonts to create seamless designs that fit your branding​.
  7. Integration: AdCreative.ai can integrate with platforms like Google, Facebook, ADYOUNEED, and Zapier to help users make the most of its services​.
  8. Collaboration: The platform allows up to 25 users to generate creatives simultaneously under one main account, facilitating collaboration​.

The company claims that users can achieve up to 14 times higher conversion rates compared to creatives that are not data-backed, and over 95% of its users reportedly see an improvement in their click-through rates (CTR) in their first month of using the platform’s creatives​

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