Outgrow: Build Online Interactive Quizzes

Outgrow: Build Online Interactive Quizzes With AI (2023)

Outgrow is an online platform that enables entrepreneurs, coaches, and creators to deploy interactive content in the form of calculators, quizzes, recommendations, polls, chatbots, assessments, and more. Outgrow makes interactive content marketing so easy, anyone can do it without having to learn one line of code.

Outgrow: The Definitive Guide in 2023

What is Outgrow’s AI-powered content generator

Outgrow’s latest addition is the AI-powered content generator. It makes creating captivating content effortless, elevating Outgrow above other online marketing tools. Outgrow’s AI content generator helps reduce hours of brainstorming. Simply by answering just a few questions, you are able to create a variety of content types with AI and create engaging and targeted interactive content in minutes.

These interactive features can help businesses generate leads, qualify prospects, and personalize the customer’s journey. They can be embedded on a website, shared on social media, or integrated with marketing automation or CRM systems.

OutGrow Fre Trial

How does Outgrow AI work?

1. Choose “What industry are you in?”

Outgrow AI

2. Choose your target audience

  • B2B – companies/professionals
  • B2C – Consumers
  • Students

3. Enter any specific keywords or phrases that you want to include

i.e. for my YouTube strategy and production service, I thought of “youtube strategy, youtube production, leads from youtube, youtube for small business, grow with youtube”

4. Choose your preferred tone

I love this feature because it gives you the power and option to make the content look and sound more like you. You can choose from a list of “tones” such as the following:

OutGrow AI preferred tone selector

5. Decide if have an idea, or want Outgrow to give you suggestions for content types

I thought this step is quite smart and really can help people get unstuck. We are often facing a blank page and not sure where to begin. This question gives you the freedom to choose a specific path or let Outgrow show you what it can do.

I was intrigued and chose “Don’t have a specific idea.” Check out Outgrow’s ideas for my YouTube strategy services.

Outgrow AI content suggestions

For those of you who are more experienced digital marketers and consultants out there, the list also shows a variety of targeted audiences and where they are in the funnel.

Some ideas are more basic, which is better for people who are less familiar with YouTube strategy for business. Some ideas are more intermediate or advanced for prospects who already be producing YouTube videos, or have their own channels but haven’t reached the desired results yet.

These ideas speak to very different groups of people you want to target.

6. What is the purpose of your interactive content?

To answer this question, you need to think about what you (as the creator and business owner) hope to get out of the interactive experience. It’s about you, not the prospect/customer who may be filling out the information.

You need to choose from one of the following.

  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Education
  • Customer Engagement
  • Entertainment
  • Production Promotion

Quick marketing 101: while we are all trying to sell and make money eventually, the interactive content you are building may be the first or second step in your potential customer’s sales journey. Don’t rush it, nurture it.

Use this opportunity no matter which intention you choose above to be about giving something to your prospect without asking for anything in return. Even if it’s a lead generation, help them help you understand where they are on their journey, and what they might potentially be struggling with at the moment.

Gaining a good lead for your business is the ultimate outcome. There’s no need to dwell on someone who’s clearly NOT a fit for your business. If the interactive content can help you (or both of you) understand that it’s a win!

7. Review and finalize your interactive content

At this point, Outgrow has built your entire interactive content for you from the Welcome Screen to the Questions and Result Screen. All you have left to do is to review, revise and hit publish.

What you can build with Outgrow (Outgrow Content Types)

Outgrow is way more than just a quiz builder. It’s packed with just about any content type you will ever need for your business. By content types, Outgrow means:

  • Outcome Quiz
  • Assessment
  • Poll
  • Calculator
  • eComm Recommendation
  • ChatBot
  • Form and Survey
  • Giveaway

Easily embed any interactive content on your website

For most of us creators and small business owners, the point of creating interactive content is to host them on our website – in fact, it’s often our homepage! Check out Outgrow’s comprehensive Hosting and Embedding options.

Screenshot 2023 06 30 at 6.11.53 PM | Feisworld

In addition, you can integrate Outgrow with 1000 apps. You can learn more about them here.

Outgrow Pricing

Outgrow’s pricing model is quite comprehensive. For your ease of viewing, we have expanded on Content Types for you to see the types of content you are able to create with each pricing tier. Personally I’m happy to see Quiz, Assessment, and Calculator all included in their lowest tier.

Outgrow.co pricing (2023)

Don’t have time? Outgrow will build it for you

Learning a new platform can be tricky and time-consuming. Luckily Outgrow offers to build one for you. It’s a service they offer starting at $250/content piece.

Conclusion: Is Outgrow good?

Interactive content marketing can be very effective for creative and small businesses. Ultimately, there are many platforms out there that we have been reviewing and being totally honest (as we like to be here on Feisworld): most of these platforms will work for you.

It’s up to their pricing, the flexibility they provide and how comfortable you feel as a creator with their interface, UX/UI, workflow and whole process. Before we had a platform like Outgrow, it required custom programming to build quizzes and calculators on your website. With Outgrow, it now costs a fraction of what it used to, which gives more power to creators and small business owners like you.

Outgrow provides something unique which is a very simple and straightforward way to suggest content to the AI to guide in the generation process, which we like. Their pricing is also more than reasonable, and good enough to try as a freelancer, entrepreneur or small creator and get started.

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