26 AI tools that will help your business

Best AI Tools For Business (That Are Not ChatGPT) [2023]

Are you wondering what are the best AI tools for business and how can you leverage them to grow? Everyone’s talking about ChatGPT. But most of you are missing out on the AI revolution. Here are 26 AI tools you NEED to know about that will help your business.

What are the Best AI Tools for Business (Top 26 options)

1. Krisp

Krisp’s AI removes background voices, noises, and echoes from your calls, giving you peace of call.

Krisp.ai, one of the best AI tools for business

2. Podintelligence

PodIntelligence is an AI-powered and human-curated software to help podcasters, webinar hosts and filmmakers search their content with ease using keywords, topics, word clouds via a browser interface.

Podintelligence: AI tool for your podcast

3. Copy

Copy.ai creates copy that increases conversion for emails, blogs, social media.

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.11.44 PM | Feisworld

4. Cleanvoice

Cleanvoice.ai is an artificial intelligence that removes filler sounds, stuttering and mouth sounds from your podcast or audio recording

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.14.00 PM | Feisworld

5. Podcastle

Podcastle.ai provides studio-quality recording, right from your computer or mobile phone. It’s an all-in-one recording and editing platform for podcasters. Learn more: Podcastle: How to edit your podcast in less than 10 minutes

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.14.49 PM | Feisworld

6. Flair

Flair.ai helps design branded content in a flash

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.15.28 PM | Feisworld

7. Illustroke

Illustroke allows users to easily create stunning vector illustrations (svg) from text prompts.

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.15.45 PM | Feisworld

8. Patterned

Patterned.ai generates unique patterns for your products and design.

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.10.42 PM | Feisworld

9. Stockimg

Stockimg generates a variety of images using AI – including book covers, wallpaper, posters, logos and more.

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.08.59 PM | Feisworld

10. Beatoven

Beatoven.ai Create unique royalty-free music that elevates your story

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.13.39 PM | Feisworld

11. Copymonkey

CopyMonkey: Create Amazon listings in seconds

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.16.17 PM | Feisworld

12. Ocoya

Ocoya creates and schedules social media content (much) quicker – it’s an all-in-one content marketing, copywriting, social media powerhouse.

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.17.32 PM | Feisworld

13. Unbounce

Unbounce Smart Copy writes high-performing cold emails at scale

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.18.57 PM | Feisworld

14. Vidyo

Vidyo makes short-form videos from long-form content

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.20.05 PM | Feisworld

15. Maverick

Maverick generates personalized videos at scale. Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey.

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.20.46 PM | Feisworld

16. Quickchat

Quickchat is a human-like AI assistant that provides accurate and instant answers to customer questions.

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.21.52 PM | Feisworld

17. Puzzle

Puzzle builds an AI-powered knowledge base for your team and customers

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.23.10 PM | Feisworld

18. Soundraw

Soundraw uses AI to create royalty-free music for creators

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.23.42 PM | Feisworld

19. Cleanup

Cleanup removes any wanted object, defect, people, or text from your pictures in seconds

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.25.07 PM | Feisworld

20. Resumeworded

Resumeworded improves your resume and LinkedIn profile

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.26.08 PM | Feisworld

21. Looka

Looka designs your own beautiful brand

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.26.53 PM | Feisworld

22. Theresanaiforthat

theresanaiforthat is a comprehensive database of AI solutions available for every task

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.28.04 PM | Feisworld

23. Synthesia

Synthesia creates AI videos by simply typing in text so you can record videos, webinars, classes without being in front of a camera. Learn more: Synthesia: Create your online course WITHOUT recording any video

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.29.21 PM | Feisworld

24. Descript

Descript is a new way of making and editing videos and podcasts using text. Learn more: How to use Descript for Podcast Editing (2022)

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.30.55 PM | Feisworld

25. Otter

Otter is a transcription service that captures and shares insights from your meetings. Use our link to get 1-month Pro Lite free.

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.32.13 PM | Feisworld

26. Inkforall

Inkforall detects AI content and is an all-in-one platform that includes AI Writer, AI Content Shield, SEO Optimizer, AI KW Research and more.

Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.33.09 PM | Feisworld
Screenshot 2023 01 24 at 2.35.21 PM | Feisworld

Best AI Tools for Business: Conclusion

Beyond ChatGPT, the AI tool revolution is just starting, and it is changing the processes and workflows across every industry. As content creators and small businesses, leveraging AI for our work can give us superpowers, if using them the right way.

Finding the best AI tools for business can be challenging and of course dependent on your needs and business activities. This post gives our view, and the tools we love daily at Feisworld Media.

Want to add to this list? Please share your favorite AI tools via the comments below. Thank you!

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