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Generative AI Summit: Best In-Person AI Event and Community for Creators and Businesses

For over a year we have been blogging extensively about AI and AI strategy for creators and businesses. We want to democratize AI as a tool for businesses of any size, helping them work smarter, not harder. We came across a wonderful organization called AIAI (AI Accelerator Institute based in the UK). Luckily, they are hosting a Generative AI Summit just around the corner from us in Boston, MA on October 19th, 2023 inside the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

We are going to report our experience and learning firsthand with you on LinkedIn. If we haven’t connected there, please follow me there and drop me your questions. I share updates on LinkedIn a few times a week related to AI and full-stack content marketing.

In order for businesses to adopt AI, it’s essential to help them understand how to implement AI as part of their existing workflows and processes. But that my friend, isn’t as trivial as it sounds! This is why it’s important to attend quality AI events and connect with technologists, companies, and professionals who are like you and me. AIAI also offers membership and community options that help you make new connections and stay on top of skills needed for you to thrive in AI.


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What is Generative AI Summit

AIAI began its journey over 10 years ago with a vision of building an independent knowledge-sharing platform for AI experts and machine scientists from around the world. Fast-forward to today and over 400,000 members later, nearly 1M followers on LinkedIn, their network has grown substantially. AIAI leads a global generative AI summit that is coming to Boston, MA on Thursday, October 19th, 2023 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

What to Expect from Generative AI Summit

  • Network with hundreds of peers and build genuine relationships that can last a career and open new doors
  • Ask questions directly to CXOs and VPs at leading tech companies, and make the next steps needed for your organization to deploy successful systems (AI or otherwise)
  • Discover the knowledge, people and solutions needed to deploy and scale your generative AI systems.
  • Leave as part of your global community of over 600,000 AI practitioners, with a diverse network of local support.
  • From strategic road-mapping to ethics, to architecting cost-effective HW & SW infrastructure – break down the roadblocks on your journey to the production line.

Who’s attending Generative AI Summit?

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Speakers from the Event

A selection of speakers for the Generative AI Summit.

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Event Agenda at a Glance


Make sure you check the timings on the agenda. Doors open from 8am, with the first session starting at 8:55am.
Be sure to take your seat before then.


Join us at Boston Marriott Copley Place. Enter via the venue’s main entrance and follow the signs for registration – your access badge will be waiting for you.

How to Make the Most of This Event (Boston Agenda)


Session NameSpeakers
Generative AI with Hugging Face Julien Simon, Chief Evangelist
Early target (drug) discovery with AI: challenges, progress, and the future directions Shane Lewin, VP, AI/ML
Pre-recorded exclusive addressYann LeCun, Chief AI Scientist, Meta

In our opinion, all the headliner sessions are worth checking out.

Beyond headliners, the event is divided into three tracks:

  • Generative AI Summit: Best for businesses and creators interested in learning more about the power and limitations of generative AI
  • Computer Vision Summit: Best for developers, AI professionals such as data scientists to deep dive into the technical aspects of AI
  • AI Accelerator Summit: Best for professionals interested in learning how to implement and adopt AI at their organizations

2023/2024 Dates and Locations

  • Boston | October 2023
  • Berlin | October 2023
  • London | November 2023
  • Tel Aviv | March 2024
  • San Jose | April 2024

Other Offerings from AIAI

AIAI regularly updated content library includes articles, interviews, and insights from our independent team and guest contributors. Our arsenal of cutting-edge content will arm you with the intel needed to optimize your hardware needs.

Can’t make it to a summit? You can access their audience at one of the interactive virtual events with presentations, panels, Q&A, and more, all from the comfort of your couch.

AIAI offers membership packages that provide you with everything you need to evolve and excel in your role and help propel your organization’s growth.

Last but not least, they also offer certified training, covering the most important aspects of AI, via AIAI Certified & more.

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