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How to fix zoom delay (the easy way)

There are built-in technical issues that may cause the delay and sync issues you experience on Zoom. The answers to this issue gets polarized when you are a livestream dance or fitness instructor. As you move in front of the screen with dozens of students in your Zoom class, music shared from your computer, the delay can be significant and negatively impacts your business.

The good news is that there are several fixes to reduce the delay.

Based on popular requests, I decided to record this video and introduce a number of methods to improve your Zoom video quality and reduce delay in zoom. Results may vary based on how you implement these methods, where you are located, you and your students’ internet speed and quality.

What to do to fix Zoom delay?

  1. Stop your students’ videos (yes it’s awesome to see them, but this is the most straightforward way to improve your video streaming bandwidth without too much extra work.)
  2. Download your music to your music app (i.e. Spotify) so you aren’t streaming music while teaching
  3. Disable chat and any other unnecessary services and features to improve the speed
  4. Consider joining from another device such as a mobile phone to experience the music similar to your students
  5. Consider using JQBX (web and mobile app) to “DJ” a room so you have full control over the music start and stop time. NEW videos coming soon to explain how this app works.

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