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How Long It Takes for YouTube Monetization Review in 2020 – The Process and My Journey to 1000 Subs

My monetization review approval process took exactly two weeks after I met the 1000 subs and 4000 watch hour requirement. The official approval date was Friday, April 17th, 2020. Compared to the usual 30-day review period, this wasn’t a long wait at all. While it pains creators to have to wait for monetization approval during the pandemic, I want to point out this is a much minor issue compared to what we face at large today. Please be patient, be kind to yourself and the creator community.

My YouTube Monetization Journey

This is a longer video:

  • 0-4:00: Introduction
  • 4:00-11:30: screen share tutorial, step by step how to turn on monetization by the bulk, modify monetization configuration and add mid-roll ads manually
  • 11:40-the end: my journey is broken down to how I built my audience from 350 to 1000 subs in just one month during the pandemic. How my audience has responded to my work

Software mentioned in the video:

👉 TubeBuddy for growing YouTube

👉 for launching audios on YouTube

YouTubers I learned from and interviewed on my podcast:

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