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inVideo AI: Turn Any Idea Into Video Instantly (2024)

inVideo AI can turn any idea into video instantly. No more script writing and converting text to video. All you need is a simple prompt idea or content to generate a complete video (b-roll, voiceover, transition, and content). Whether it be a YouTube Shorts or a regular-length video, inVideo AI makes it possible without much or any human intervention to create the video from one line of text.

Important: inVideo and inVideo AI are part of the same company, but these are two separate tools, or “studios” as they call it. If you want to check out the AI tool, be sure to start with inVideo AI

How To Get Started With inVideo AI

1. Create a free account

inVideo is free to try without a credit card. Just visit inVideo AI and sign up for an account.

You may see two slightly different landing pages. As long as you make sure the logo says invideo AI, you can be sure that you’ve arrived at the right place.

inVideo AI
inVideo AI: Best Video Editor With AI?

2. Input an idea

To be clear, this isn’t a technical prompt. inVideo AI literally just needs a topic, an idea, and any prepared content you have to create a video. The character limit is 3000. With that said, the more specific instructions you can provide to inVideo AI, the higher quality video you will receive in the end.

Screenshot 2023 09 04 at 1.58.12 PM | Feisworld

This was my simple prompt:

Create a video to talk about AI tools for YouTubers to help them become more efficient with content creation. Please include AI tools related to ideation, recording, editing, publishing, and engagement. Help YouTubers understand how AI tools can help them become better creators.

I kept my approach pretty generic. However, inVideo also provides more guided workflows if you choose to “Try these” formats:

  • YouTube explainer
  • YouTube shorts
  • Recent event videos

For which, you will see a slightly different prompt window:

3. Generate a Video

Once you are done inputting your idea, it’s time to generate your video. Just hit “Generate a Video”, inVideo AI will begin the process.

For my short video, it took about 1-2 minutes. Here’s my entire video without paying for an upgrade (so the watermarks are still there), and no editing on my part whatsoever.

I was most surprised by the elaborative scripts written by inVideo AI. Even though I only mentioned “YouTube efficiency” as an idea to talk about relevant AI tools, inVideo AI picked out a few AI tools I am already using as a YouTube creator, such as TubeBuddy. It also mentions a few other tools I’m less familiar with but eager to try. In other words, I’m learning from this auto-generated AI video!

What do you think of this short video with no editing, and a few lines of ideas as prompt? Please let me know in the comments below.


InVideo AI has a free version for anyone who wishes to try AI video creation.

  • Free: 10 minutes to AI video generation with iStock (watermark), 10GB of storage, and inVideo AI watermark.
  • Plus $20/month: 50 minutes/month of AI generation, 40/month iStock assets, 100GB storage, and unlimited export
  • Max $48/month: 200 minutes/month of AI generation, 160/month iStock assets, 400GB storage, unlimited export

Even though say the Plus version has only 50 minutes and doesn’t feel like a lot of content, most YouTubers release weekly videos (generally between 5-12 mins), so the Plus version can still go a long way.

Screenshot 2023 09 04 at 1.53.37 PM | Feisworld

Conclusion: Is inVideo AI worth it?

First of all, WOW: I was surprised by the quality of the video with just a few lines of simple ideas as prompts. Even with a simple prompt while I was still learning how to use inVideo AI, the first video came out nicely. I can imagine tweaking the prompts slightly more, providing more details such as examples of AI tools I’m already using as a creator.

Secondly, I can see opportunities where I take the first cut of the video from inVideo AI and add my own content. Let it be a few more b-rolls of my choice, more relevant images, and particularly logos of the tools mentioned will further enhance the final video.

Thirdly, I hope inVideo AI will consider integration with AI voice generation companies like ElevenLabs to allow more voiceover choices in general, and with the option to use my own voice if possible.

That’s my initial reaction to this powerful AI video tool. What do you think? Please give inVideo AI a shot and I can’t wait to see the videos you will be creating. Feel free to drop the links in the comments below, or via Instagram.

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