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Jordan Harbinger: Rebuilding a Podcast from the Ground Up


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Jordan Harbinger (@JordanHarbinger), once referred to as “The Larry King of podcasting,” is a Wall Street lawyer turned talk show host, social dynamics expert, and entrepreneur.

He was the host of a Top 50 iTunes podcast called The Art of Charm, which I had been listening for years and resulted in this first interview with Jordan.

In early 2018, Jordan found himself in an unexpected situation where he had to leave the show and rebuild a new podcast from the ground up.

This interview isn’t about being at the top, but how to rebuild and go back to the top.

In this episode, Jordan relentlessly shared his insights on how he did this. Within months, he saw millions of downloads for his new podcast – The Jordan Harbinger Show, where he deconstructs the playbooks of the most successful people on earth and shares their strategies, perspectives, and insights with the rest of us.

Jordan’s beliefs:

  • Practice what your preach.

  • Be kind. Be helpful.

  • Nurture your network (especially dormant ties) — this is a topic we discussed in another recent episode with David Burkus

Favorite Quotes

[07:00] Thankfully I have built that network over time, and I was able to bring with me the majority of the team, but also I had so many allies…

[35:00] Half the time you are fighting, fighting, fighting and the answer you get is ‘Sorry I can’t do this’. And that’s actually totally fine. It’s not about getting a yes, it’s about getting a definitive answer. And even when you get a no. Is it a no or a not yet? It’s an interesting situation. And the problem is you have to consistently get those warm intros and constantly sell it

[40:00] I love the conversations, I love teaching the audience about networking, outreach, personal development, body language, neuroscience, tips, tricks, hacks.  I get to have conversations with great people, keep them interesting and influence people to actually improve their lives.

[42:00] We have worksheets so that the worksheets have takeaways from the guests so that the audience can listen, go get the worksheet, fill it out and get the major takeaways.

[46:00] I’m creating products that my audience wants. I’m not creating an audience for my products. I’m creating  the audience first based on what I love talking and discussing and teaching, and then I’m creating products that that audience wants and needs.

Here’s a key lesson I learned and continue to practice after the conversation…

“When you are a business owner, it’s very tempting to avoid outreach. You don’t know whether they might have any ROI. Try reaching out to people 20 mins a day. You will see the return on that investment. It’s such a huge win but it’s so easy to procrastinate.” – Jordan

Show Notes

Part 1

  • [07:00] What are some of the things you learned when you moved away from a top show to start the Jordan Harbinger show?

  • [09:00] How do you reach out to your network and keep it alive and active? How’s your routine today different from before?

  • [14:00] What do you mean by “Gmail roulette” and your text messaging technique?

  • [16:00] Fei and Jordan discussing about reaching out to people constantly and the benefits of doing it.

  • [20:00] What was your process of starting a new show? Was it easy/difficult? Slow/quick?

  • [23:00] How is your new show doing today?

  • [25:00] What are some of the topics/guests that interest you at the moment?

Part 2

  • [31:00] When do manage outreach for podcast guests? Do you do it yourself or do you have a team manage it for you?

  • [35:00] Jordan discusses skills needed to conduct outreach and sales.

  • [37:00] How do you strategically get people commit to be a guest on your show? What are the steps?

  • [40:00] Why is it worth it for you to be a podcaster and grow your network?

  • [43:00] What’s your opinion between seeking and exploiting a niche vs targeting a broader audience?

  • [48:00] Can you share some advice on how to approach people via email or improving your first pitch?

  • [52:00] What was the purpose and main message of the the controversial article about you, when you said that people should stop creating podcasts?

  • [58:00] How could people reach out to you and get more information about your business and services?


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