Krisp AI Meeting Assistant (2023)

Krisp AI Meeting Assistant: Summarize Your Meetings With AI (2023)

We’ve covered Krisp AI since the early days when it first got out. It was actually one of the first AI-powered tools that we could get our hands on at Feisworld. Recently they’ve released a new feature called Krisp AI Meeting Assistant, which claims to be the world’s only bot-free AI Meeting Assistant.

Let’s dive in!

Krisp AI Meeting Review

What is Krisp AI?

In the world of remote work, communication is key. But with so many distractions and background noise, it can be tough to stay focused and engaged during meetings. That’s where Krisp AI comes in.

Krisp is an AI-powered noise cancellation software that helps you have better online meetings. It works by detecting and removing unwanted noise from your environment, so you can focus on what’s being said without being interrupted by barking dogs, construction work, or other distractions.

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Check out our full review post here: it’s a simple, affordable way to improve your communication and productivity.

Krisp AI Meeting Assistant

The Krisp AI Meeting Assistant tool uses artificial intelligence to transcribe and summarize online meetings. It’s so handy to have a way to capture and share meeting notes without having to take extensive notes manually. I’ve been using Fathom, so that’s why I wanted to give Krisp’s alternative a try.

THeir meeting assistant works by first transcribing the audio of the meeting using their own AI-powered transcription engine. Once the audio is transcribed, the assistant then summarizes the meeting by identifying the main points, action items, and discussion items.

Key Features

1. Automatic Meeting Transcriptions

The AI meeting assistant works by first transcribing the audio of the meeting using a propietary transcription engine. You get free unlimited transcriptions and what they call a bot-free experience.

Krisp AI Meeting Assistant - Automatic Meeting Transcriptions (2023)

2. Meeting Notes And Summaries (Using OpenAI ChatGPT)

Once the audio is transcribed, the tool summarizes the meeting by identifying the main points, action items, and discussion items. They use OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to create the summaries.

Krisp AI Meeting Assistant - AI-powered meeting notes and summary (2023)

3. Sharing And Collaboration

Krisp seamlessly works with any voice and conferencing app out-of-the-box without requiring additional plugins or extensions. It integrates smoothly with Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Slack and more.

Krisp AI Meeting Assistant - Sharing and collaboration (2023)


The service is available as a freemium service. The free plan allows you to transcribe and summarize up to 120 minutes of meeting audio per week. Paid plans start at $8 per month and offer unlimited transcription and summary minutes.

Krisp AI Pricing (2023)

Conclusion: Is Krisp AI Meeting Assistant Good?

We already loved Krisp at Feisworld, and having the note-taking feature available makes it a big win! I believe this is a great tool for small businesses and remote workers who want to improve their communication and productivity. It’s easy to use, affordable, and effective. I was using Fathom as my primary note taking app, but having a single app that improves my audio and takes notes at the same time is a big simplification step, and we love simple things.

What’s your take? Share your experience in the comments below or via Facebook.

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