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Movavi: Powerful AI Video Editing Features You Wish You Knew (2024)

Does Movavi sound familiar to you? But perhaps you haven’t explored it for a while? Not surprised. I too have overlooked Movavi’s powerful all-in-one video production suite for some time. For years, I remember using it only as a video converter and screen recorder. Little did I know that I completely underestimated it’s power in video production and its AI features.

Turns out, Movavi is a powerful video-making bundle that includes the features above, plus it’s packed with all the basics you need to edit any YouTube video or start a video blog, and it has AI video editing features you wish you knew about! Let’s dive in!

Movavi Homepage (2023)

Movavi: Features We Love (2024)

1. AI Background Removal

This feature is stunning, and no green screen is required.

With Movavi’s AI background removal, all you need is to import your video, choose “Background removal” from the left-hand side’s toolbar, hit “Remove” and you are done.

The processing time varies. It took about one minute when I selected “Quick – high processing speed, average accuracy”, and about a few minutes for “Precise – high accuracy, average processing speed”. I think the “Precise” option is well worth the wait if you are working on a business video for your YouTube channel.

After the background is removed, you can freely drop in any scene as your background to replace the existing one. This feature can be helpful to clean up videos that have a less ideal or busy background, including Zoom videos where a moderator or panelists may forget to turn on the virtual background feature.

Movavi AI Background Removal

2. AI Noise Removal

Movavi’s built-in AI noise removal can help you reduce and even remove unpleasant background sounds. Whether it’s a dog barking in the background of a Zoom meeting or webinar, or a travel video with car and wind sounds, you can do it while editing your video, without opening another software.

I tried this feature firsthand while producing artificial noises close to the mic. The results? With Movavi’s AI noise removal alone reduced the intensity of these sounds: clapping, clipping two plastic items together, rubbing paper towel while talking in the video. But the feature didn’t completely remove such sounds, unlike Krisp AI recording ability to eliminate sound completely (it needs to be done during recording).

Movavi AI Noise Removal

To improve AI noise removal, I added the “sound autocorrect” feature also available inside Movavi, and chose “Enhanced voice recording” to make my voice stand out more. It depends on what is happening in the video, Movavi has a number of advanced features for to experiment and explore.

Movavi AI Noise Removal (2)

3. AI Upscaling

The Movavi video editor AI upscaling feature is not part of their Video Editor (VE) app. You will need to download the Video Converter (VC) app for this purpose. Unfortunately, this AI feature isn’t free but a paid feature, but it can be quite useful when you need it. If you enjoy all the AI features mentioned so far, it’s best to purchase their Video Suite (VS), which includes access to all the tools available.

Movavi AI Upscaling

Don’t get me wrong, Movavi allows you to record and export at 4K quality. But what if your original video quality is not very good?

AI upscaling gives your low-quality videos a magical facelift, making your video resolution up to 8 times better. In some cases and if your video resolution is quite low, AI upscaling can only make it 2x or 4x better than it was before.

Trust us on this, the higher the quality, the more engagement you will get on YouTube, or anywhere on social media. It’s a feature worth exploring if you are serious about making videos.

Other reasons to love Movavi

In addition to these advanced AI features, Movavi has built-in effects, stock videos, audio, and photos. I also find their video editing interface to be one of the most intuitive and adaptive.

Movavi Built-in effects

Conclusion: Are Movavi’s AI Video Features Worth Exploring?

Yes, I think so! These AI features are created with beginner and intermediate video editors in mind. You don’t need to be a guru editor to achieve these rather sophisticated results. This is where AI features can shine and help creators do more with less time.

Please let me know in the comments below (or via Facebook) how you’d like to explore these Movavi AI editing features. Perhaps, what else would you like to see from Movavi?

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