Vowel AI Gets Cancelled (Vowel Farewell)

Vowel AI GETS CANCELLED? Download your recordings BEFORE July 5th

Just a few weeks after publishing our full vowel AI review, we receive a farewell letter from their team stating that this is the last week for the company and users will only a few days to download recordings.

It’s surprising to see how short notice everything was announced. Typically, companies give users several weeks to get access to their data, even if they shut down. My impression is that they are paying for some cloud storage (Amazon or Google) and they need to stop asap.


You have until July 5, 2023 to download your recordings from Vowel AI.

Vowel AI Alternatives (2023)

Here are some of the best Vowel AI alternatives if they left you behind.

  • BlueJeans Meetings: A video conferencing platform known for its high-quality audio and video. The platform is accessible on computers and mobile devices running iOS or Android, and it has responsive customer support. On the downside, its pricing plans can be a significant budget for a small business and it does not support keyboard and mouse sharing during video calls. The pricing plans include a free Basic tier, a Pro tier at $10/user/month, and an Enterprise tier at $14/user/month​
  • Descript: A tool that offers video and audio editing, as easy as editing a document. It makes use of AI for enhanced transcripts and has a modern, intuitive, and efficient video editing workflow. However, its timeline functionality is limited and users complain about too frequent updates. It also has a learning curve to master all the features offered. The pricing plans include a free tier, a Creator tier at $15/user/month, and a Pro tier at $30/user/month​.
  • Zoom Meetings: A user-friendly video communication platform that offers good value for money and features such as whiteboard and screen-sharing tools. However, meetings are limited to 40 minutes per session on the free plan, and the mobile version lacks many of the features of the desktop version. It does not provide clear control over comments during public events​.
  • Otter.ai: An AI-powered transcription service that provides real-time transcription, meeting notes, and collaboration features. It’s suitable for individuals, small teams, and larger organizations, offering three tiers of pricing: Basic (free), Pro ($16.99 per user per month), and Business ($30 per user per month). These plans come with different features and usage limits, with the Business tier providing up to 6000 transcription minutes per month, unlimited file imports, and additional administrative features. Check this full article on how to smoothly transition from Vowel AI to Otter.
  • Praiz: A meeting management platform that allows you to review past meetings, manage your content efficiently, collaborate smoothly, and integrate newcomers quickly. It also allows for the analysis of customer interactions and data protection. The platform costs $42/user/month​.

Vowel AI Gets Cancelled (Vowel AI Farewell)

Full letter and statement from the company

Dear customers,

With a heavy heart, I write to let you know that this is the last week for Vowel. You will have until July 5, 2023, to download your recordings.

What started as an idea has become a productivity powerhouse for you and many others. We could not be more proud of the product we built and the love and support we received from our customers.

On Vowel, you started your meetings more prepared with collaboratively generated agendas; you held your meetings more efficiently and joyfully with shared notes, talk time percentages, custom emoji reactions, automated real-time action item detection, and more; and after your meetings, you moved work forward with infinite, effortless recall in search across all spoken, written, and AI-generated content.

When you returned from vacation, we sent you emails with AI-generated summaries of all your missed meetings so that you could catch up in minutes, not hours or days. You sent your action items, transcripts, notes, and more to hundreds of other tools through our Zapier integration. You shared meetings, clips, and whole folders of recordings with your teammates to clue them in to important context, ramp them up on a new project, or welcome them to a new team. We let you join meetings late, with an in-meeting real-time summary of what’s been discussed, and kept you on your toes with metrics on your efficiency, talk time percentages, and filler words.

And the things we had in store! Our weekend release was set to reveal post-meeting comments—a long-requested feature to let you collaborate and coach on the meeting content after the call. Later this month, we had planned to launch our VowelBot to join your Zoom calls and bring that context into your Vowel dashboard (complete with all the AI goodies we offer on Vowel hosted meetings). And we had just started working on Spaces, so you can default-share meetings before they even happen & set your configurations for all the calls to come in that space.

But enough about what we built and were building. Today is about saying goodbye. We did not plan to shutter the company and wish we had more notice. We had signed a term sheet with a V.C. firm, who decided they did not want to proceed with the transaction. This action put us in a difficult situation, and with no other quick options forthcoming, we were forced to shutter the company.

We understand this is difficult for you, given you’re running your meetings on our platform. The team is actively exploring ways to bring back the service and continue our vision. It has been our deepest pleasure to provide efficiency, productivity, and inclusion to your meetings. We appreciate our customers for trusting, believing, and paying for Vowel. We love what we do, and we loved doing it for you. We wish you all the best in your meetings… we know they won’t be the same without Vowel.

Please reach out if you have any questions. We will do our best to respond.


The Vowel Team

P.S. We have many extremely skilled and delightful employees who are now looking for new opportunties

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