Optimole 3.18 New Features

Optimole 3.8 Is PACKED With New Features. Here’s A Recap.

We are very happy with the new features brought by Optimole 3.8. At Feisworld we are big lovers of Optimole for our WordPress setup (check here our Essential WordPress Plugins for 2023). For only $25 we get all our images optimized and handled in the best way possible for every device ever. All without compromising Google Core Web Vitals or any performance.

Let’s recap the new features.

Optimole 3.8 New Features (June 2023)

1. Option for max-width and max-height

This feature allows you to set a maximum width or height for images on your website, automatically resizing larger images to fit within the defined limits while maintaining the original aspect ratio.

Optimole 3.8 new features

Example use case (provided by Optimole)

Alex, a photographer with a portfolio website, uses Optimole to ensure consistent image sizes and optimize performance. He sets a maximum width of 1200 pixels for his images. Optimole automatically resizes images to fit within this width, maintaining the aspect ratio. This ensures a consistent layout and improves website performance by reducing page load time and bandwidth usage.

2. Bulk Operation in Media Library

A powerful new feature that will transform how you manage your media library. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks, as you can now effortlessly move multiple images and folders at once within the media library folders. With this enhancement, organizing your media becomes a seamless and efficient process.

image 25 | Feisworld

3. New improvements and fixes

  • Conflict Notice:​ Optimole now displays a notice to inform you about potential conflicts with other plugins.
  • Eliminate Redundant Lazyload Resizing:​ Optimole has been enhanced to skip unnecessary resizing when lazy-loading images, optimizing performance.
  • Better Search on the Service Dashboard​: They made significant improvements to the search functionality, resulting in faster search results and enhanced performance.
  • WEBP Extension Exclusion:​ They have resolved an issue where the WEBP image format couldn’t be excluded from lazy-loading.
  • Elementor Compatibility:​ This update addresses an issue where Elementor backgrounds were not being lazy-loaded on certain newer versions

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