WP Rocket 3.14 Cloudflare integration

New WP Rocket 3.14 Version Adds Better Compatibility With Cloudflare, And It Rocks!

The newly released WP Rocket 3.14 version adds full compatibility and synchronization with Cloudlfare, allowing a simpler integration between the two tools. If you are serious about your WordPress setup, this post is for you.

At Feisworld we have been using WP Rocket to speed up our site, plus Cloudflare for caching and routing. We love that Cloudflare is free, but up until now it was not fully clear how both tools interacted. In this post, we cover the new integration benefits and a step-by-step guide on how to update.

Let’s dive in!

To the point

If you have a WordPress-based site, install WP Rocket 3.14 and set up Cloudflare at the same time using their new integration. Your site speed will skyrocket.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a worldwide network that guarantees a safe and dependable connection, providing an Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) plugin for global content distribution. For those with an international audience, a CDN like Cloudflare and its APO plugin is commonly used to enhance performance, ensuring optimal user experience irrespective of your visitors’ geographical location.

WP Rocket 3.14 Cloudlfare Integration

WP Rocket 3.14 and Cloudflare

WP Rocket 3.14 automatically enables cache purge synchronization when the official Cloudflare plugin is activated. The plugin will handle the synchronization automatically and deliver flawless integration. 

Once synchronized, you’ll get the following message:

Cloudflare WP Rocket 3.14 integration

How to update?

Important! From version 3.14, you must upgrade your WordPress version to 5.8+ and your PHP version to 7.3+, otherwise, the plugin won’t work anymore.

To update, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins and scroll down until you see WP Rocket. You will get a notification and see an Update link that you can click.

Wordpress dashboard

Once updated, you’ll see the version 3.14 in the description

WP Rocket 3.14 update

If you encounter any issues, remember you can roll back directly from within the WP Rocket plugin settings.

WP rocket 3.14 rollback

My synchronization is incomplete, what should I do?

If the Separate Cache for Mobile Devices is enabled on WP Rocket and not on Cloudflare, you’ll get the following non-dismissable warning message.

WP Rocket 3.14 Cloudflare Integration

If the cache by device type is enabled on Cloudflare and not WP Rocket, you’ll get the following message. This one is dismissable, so you can decide to take action or not.

Cloudflare WP Rocket

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