Adobe Express: an AI Editor you need on your phone (2023)

Adobe Express: An AI Video Editor That You Need On Your Phone (2023)

Video content has been king for several years in a row (ruling 60% of first search results). At Feisworld, we still remember how much we struggled a few years back to create nice and engaging videos for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Most of the tools ecosystem at that time was meant for horizontal video, and it took hours to create a single piece of content. Adobe Express is here to change that, with an all-in-one solution at an affordable price.

In today’s content economy, very often as creators we find ourselves in need of creating a short vertical video for posting on social, whether it is a news article summary, a quick tutorial, or a podcast teaser. Adobe Express not only has AI-powered features that let you tap and merge into an awesome video with animations, but also provides you with thousands of templates you can use right away to get a head start and come up with an elegant content piece in a matter of seconds.

In this post, we tell you everything about Adobe Express, put it to test, and summarize what we love about it. In particular, we look at the value that this tool can provide to content creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that don’t have a ton of video expertise and don’t want to spend a huge budget or time to expand their video presence. We also look at how it compares to alternatives to Canva and CapCut for creating Instagram Reels, TikTok videos and YouTube Shorts. Let’s get started!

To the point

You can use Adobe Express for free (no credit card required even), to edit awesome videos for YouTube, Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram.

What Is Adobe Express?

Adobe Express is a web-based and mobile app that allows users to create and share visual content in just seconds. Adobe has been creating similar editing tools for years, but this new AI-first, all-in-one content creation app features powerful editing capabilities through a web interface, thousands of templates, and Adobe Firefly generative AI, revolutionizing creative expression for all skill levels.

Main alternatives: Canva, CapCut.

Adobe Express Logo (2023)
Adobe Express: All-in-one AI-powered creative app (2023)

Key Features

  • New all-in-one editor gives users the ability to make high-impact design elements, engaging videos and images, stunning documents and PDFs, animations, and standout content ready for Instagram, TikTok and all their favorite channels and platforms.
  • Firefly integrated into Express makes it possible to generate custom images and text effects from just a description, using Text to Image and Text Effects features. Firefly now supports text prompts in over 100 languages, enabling users across the world to generate images and text effects using their native languages.
  • New video, multiple page templates, and design elements bring even more inspiration to the largest collection of beautiful, high-quality content, now with nearly 200 million assets including video and design templates, royalty-free Adobe Stock images, video and audio assets, almost 22,000 fonts, plus more icons, backgrounds, and shapes.
  • PDF support. Import, edit and enhance documents to create visually stunning PDFs.
  • More AI-power helps creators to take the guesswork out of design, and quickly find the perfect addition to content or get personalized design recommendations that fit unique styles, to create social media posts, videos, posters, flyers and more.
  • Quick actions like remove background in images and videos, animate a character using just audio, convert to GIF, and edit PDFs, makes it even easier to create standout content quickly and simply.
  • Real-time co-creation and seamless review and commenting capabilities add speed to the creation process. Easily access, edit and work with creative assets from Photoshop and Illustrator directly within Express, or add linked files that always stay in sync across apps.
  • Animations like Fade In, Pop, Flicker, Bungee bring text, photos, videos, and assets to life in a new way. With Animate from Audio, powered by Adobe Character Animator, watch characters come to life with lips and gestures syncing to recorded dialogue.
Adobe Express Video Editor (2023)

Who can really benefit from Adobe Express?

  • A small business owner can use Adobe Express to create social media posts, flyers, and business cards to promote their business in just seconds, from their templates.
  • A teacher can use Adobe Express to create presentations, infographics, and other educational materials for their students.
  • A student can use Adobe Express to create a portfolio of their work, or to create presentations and assignments for their classes.
  • A YouTuber can use Adobe Express to create video thumbnails, end screens, and other video assets for their channel.
  • A blogger can use Adobe Express to create featured images, social media posts, and other visual content for their blog. We heavily use Adobe Express for this purpose at Feisworld Media (a lot of our thumbnails are designed there with their great stock assets).


Adobe Express offers two pricing points, and a very simple business model. Their free package is forever-free, and it doesn’t require a credit card to start using it. It also lets you download watermark-free assets!


  • 25 generative credits a month for features like Text to image and Text effects.
  • Features like drag and drop video creation and photo effects like remove background.
  • Import and enhance PDF files in the editor and get 10 free PDF Quick Actions per month.
  • Thousands of professionally designed static & video templates, and design elements.
  • Animation presets to add motion to text, photos, videos, or design elements.
  • A limited collection of royalty-free Adobe Stock photos, videos, and music.
  • Import and edit Photoshop & Illustrator files.
  • One-click tasks like Convert to GIF, Convert to JPG, and Generate QR code.
  • Collaborate with others in real-time.
  • Access to 1,000 Adobe Fonts.

Premium ($9.99/month)

  • All features in the Free Package.
  • 250 generative credits a month. Paid users can exceed monthly credit limit until Nov 1.
  • Features like resize, erase, remove video background, animation controls, and more.
  • Unlimited PDF Quick Actions including combine and organize pages, and convert to and from PDF.
  • All premium static & video templates, and design elements.
  • Animation controls so you can customize the duration, speed, intensity and more for each animation preset.
  • Entire collection of over 195 million on-trend, royalty-free Adobe Stock collection photos, videos, and music.
  • Stay in sync with linked Photoshop & Illustrator assets.
  • Brand Kit with logos, colors, and fonts for consistency.
  • Unlimited posts scheduling to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest & more.
  • Libraries to organize and share your collections of photos, graphics, and more.
  • Over 25,000 licensed Adobe Fonts.
  • 100GB of storage to keep 15+ hours of video footage.
Adobe Express Pricing

Adobe Express: Video Editing Features We Love

Let’s talk about the highlights and features that really caught our attention while using Adobe Express.

1. Stylize with Templates for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts

Adobe invested significant effort in their templates. There are hundreds of thousands of starting points available to choose from, whether you are trying to create a TikTok video or Instagram Post, choose a theme with a few keywords and boom. Just add the assets you want from your camera roll or computer, and you’ll have a stunning result to post.

You can also tweak and adjust using their smart animations and huge font collection.

Screenshot 2023 10 07 at 16.00.04 | Feisworld

To create a new video

  1. Open Adobe Express. Upload your own media or select the kind of video you want to create in Adobe Express.
  2. Browse Templates. Find tons of free video templates for every occasion in Adobe Express or create your video from scratch. Search by style or aesthetic to kick-start your video editing, then customize it to your liking.
  3. Edit Your Videos. Cut, crop, and trim your video. Add audio, change your video speed, and animate elements in your design. Speed it up or slow it down for a cinematic touch – no experience required.
  4. Drag and drop elements. Choose from tons of royalty-free stock images, text, photos, and audio right in Adobe Express to add to your video or upload your own.
  5. Resize, download and publish. Review your video and add the final touches. Resize your video dimensions in just a few taps to fit the dimensions of your favorite social channels, then download and publish it online.
adobe express review 1 | Feisworld

2. Convert to GIF

We wouldn’t be able to count how many hours we spent converting videos to GIF at Feisworld. We LOVE GIFs, they are so useful when creating tutorials and step-by-step videos. For a while, we used EZgif (online tool) to convert, but their interface is old and not ideal. Now, thanks to the Adobe Express video converter tool, we can even trim, resize and select a render resolution from the same app, before hitting save.

adobe express review 2 | Feisworld

3. Animate from Audio

This one is a killer feature! With Adobe Express, you can grab any audio and animate an avatar to speak to it. They have a wide range of characters: animated unicorn, fox, robot, and more. Try out any of the people, animals, or imaginative creatures to see how they fit with your audio. This quick, easy, and streamlined animation tool lets anyone make animated characters with no prior experience needed.

Record your character’s dialogue or upload an audio file. Your animation and audio recording can be up to two minutes long. Once you start recording, you’ll get a three-second countdown so you can prepare for your dialogue. Then, have fun recording your character’s voice. Pause at any time and resume when you’re ready. Select done to process your audio and generate your animation. Preview your audio to get your results.

Preview your audio and animation. Click the play button or space bar to preview. Trim the audio at the beginning or end by simply dragging the trim handles. Choose from a variety of backgrounds. You can even change your character. Pick different sizes so you can share to any social destination. Select from a square, landscape, or portrait size.

This can be a fantastic way to create engaging videos for your audience, or even to create Faceless YouTube Channels, as we explained here.

Screenshot 2023 10 07 at 17.37.32 | Feisworld

4. Resize and Merge Videos

Can you believe that Apple, after 15 years of building and selling iPhones, doesn’t have a native merge video feature? It’s even more complex to do it via iMovie, as it takes several steps. How can this be possible? It’s 2023!

With Adobe Express, it simply takes 4 clicks to merge videos, adjust them, and render a combined version to your phone. In the process, you can also change the aspect ratio, trim and adjust audio!

adobe express review 3 | Feisworld

5. Enhance with Tons of Royalty-Free Music and Stock Photos

Adobe provides thousands of assets to customize your videos, including royalty-free and rights-cleared high-quality stock music, videos, and more. Their asset library is easy to explore and search, and helps creators build awesome content with the least clicks.

Compared to Canva, you can get access to Adobe Stock images and video, which is one of the most powerful libraries online.

Screenshot 2023 10 07 at 20.08.49 | Feisworld

6. Schedule and Publish to Social Media Directly

Another feature we absolutely love is the ability to plan, create, and publish Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and Facebook Stories in Adobe Express. We used to spend hundreds of dollars in social media scheduling and posting platforms, building complex content pipelines and calendars. Now, you can do it all without leaving the same app you are editing!

A huge time saver.

Adobe Express Schedule and Share to Social

Advantages of Adobe Express Over Canva

Canva is another popular online design platform, but there are some advantages that Adobe Express has over Canva:

  • Larger library of fonts and graphics: Adobe Express has a larger library of fonts and graphics than Canva, including fonts from Adobe Typekit. This gives users more options to choose from when creating their designs.
  • Integration with other Adobe products: Adobe Express integrates with other Adobe products, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. This allows users to easily import and export their designs between different Adobe products.
  • Customer support: Adobe Express offers customer support via phone and live chat. Canva’s customer support is limited to email only.
FeatureAdobe ExpressCanva
PlatformWeb, mobileWeb, mobile
PriceFree, premiumFree, premium
Storage2GB (free), 100GB (premium)5GB (free), 1TB (premium)
Design toolsBasic and advanced editing tools for photos, videos, and graphicsBasic and advanced editing tools for photos, videos, and graphics
Social media featuresCreate and share social media posts, templates, and assetsCreate and share social media posts, templates, and assets
Team collaborationYesYes
Additional featuresCreate flyers, brochures, posters, business cards, presentations, infographics, websites, and PDFsCreate flyers, brochures, posters, business cards, presentations, infographics, and more

Adobe Express vs CapCut

FeatureAdobe ExpressCapCut
PlatformWeb, mobileMobile
PriceFree, premiumFree, premium
Video editing featuresTrim and edit videos, add text and music, create transitions, add effects and filtersTrim and edit videos, add text and music, create transitions, add effects and filters
Social media featuresCreate and share social media posts, templates, and assetsCreate and share social media posts
Additional featuresCreate flyers, brochures, posters, business cards, presentations, infographics, websites, and PDFsNone


In some way, we would like to claim that Adobe Express was the tool we’ve been wanting for a long time. Even though it is still fresh and there’s a long way to go to make it our primary tool, it already has become essential to our team and is included in our everyday content creation pipeline for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and thumbnails for our blog.

On top of that, we are proud to share Adobe Express with our clients so they too can integrate it as part of their everyday creative workflow. Many of our clients do not consider themselves design or tech-savvy, yet they find Adobe Express easy to learn and adopt.

We have been hardcore Adobe Creative Cloud users since its inception and that’s not gonna go away. But moving forward, we’d love to see more and more features brought up to Adobe Express, further simplifying everyday tasks and helping us create more genuine pieces of content to connect with our audiences better.

As of October 2023, we consider it a must-have for creators and small businesses.

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