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Adobe Express Mobile Beta Available on Android and iOS (2024)

I’m been waiting to share this update with you and it’s finally official: the all-new Adobe Express mobile app is now available in beta and accessible through iOS and Android. More devices including tablets are rolling out over time!

I’ve been testing the beta version for some time now and welcome you to check it out. Adobe Express mobile beta revolutionizes on-the-go content creation across desktop and mobile platforms. With Adobe Firefly generative AI integrated into the mobile app, users can seamlessly design, edit, and publish standout content anytime, anywhere. 

This app empowers solopreneurs, students, small business owners, and large enterprises to keep up with the explosive demand for content.

Adobe Express Mobile

Key Features of Adobe Express Mobile (Beta)

  • Integration of Adobe Firefly generative AI, enabling users to perform complex tasks with ease, including Text to Image, Generative Fill, and Text Effects.
  • Video editing on-the-go including video timeline, layer timing, 4K video, and Quick Actions, making video creation effortless.
  • Extensive content library with access to Adobe Stock assets, Adobe Fonts, and multipage templates.
  • Real-time collaboration and seamless integration with Creative Cloud apps, allowing users to work across platforms and devices.
  • Content Scheduler for planning, previewing, scheduling, and publishing content on various social media platforms.
  • Brand Kits feature for maintaining brand consistency by uploading and sharing brand assets.
  • The mobile app ensures content safety for commercial use through Firefly generative AI, with Content Credentials included by default to promote transparency and trust.

How to Get Started (iOS and Android)

To get started, Android users can download the beta app directly through the App Store. Due to Apple’s restrictions on the number of beta users, iOS users can sign up here and Adobe will guide selected participants through the process.


As a proud Adobe Express global ambassador, I have experimented with Adobe Express Mobile Beta for some time including testing many of the key features to produce content directly for my channel at Feisworld as well as for my clients’ social platforms.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. If you are a digital creator like me, I wouldn’t be surprised that you will pick up their new mobile app quickly. I remember using it for the first time during beta testing and was able to complete several tasks within 30 minutes.

Before Adobe Express Mobile Beta, I found myself needing to use Adobe Express desktop app much more regularly than the mobile version. Now I have the confidence to rely on the beta app for all my content creation needed, including video editing for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels/Stories, and TikTok videos without having to access the desktop app.

As part of beta testing, Adobe Express listened to our feedback as creators and small business owners, so your experience will matter just as much! I truly believe this new version of Adobe Express mobile is many steps up compared to the previous version and will offer advanced features you will need to keep up with your competition, all while helping you save time while producing quality content.

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