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Amazon Influencer Program: Earn Up to $12500 USD for 500 Videos (Limited Time Incentive Until September 22, 2023)

Between August 16 through September 22, 2023, Amazon Influencer Program is offering a limited-time incentive for influencers to earn up to $12500 USD for 500 videos. In this article, we help you understand:

  • What is the Amazon Influencer Program and how to qualify and sign up
  • Breaking down the limited-time incentives and all the video and content requirements
  • How you can get started with video creation without a degree, and create a ton of videos in a short period of time

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

As a member of the Amazon Influencer Program, you are a content creator who provides recommendations to inspire your audience via social media. If you are a media company or a brand and want to drive traffic to Amazon, you should apply to the Amazon Associates Program instead.

How to monetize your content on Amazon

There are multiple ways you can earn. You can monetize your social media content by sharing your storefront URL or through affiliate links. Amazon may also surface the content you have posted to your storefront to Amazon shoppers, allowing you to grow your followers and earn from new customers.

How to qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon accepts applications from all types of influencers, provided you have a YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok account. If you are applying using an Instagram or Facebook account, you are required to use a business account. When reviewing your application, Amazon looks at the number of followers you have in addition to other engagement metrics.

How much will you earn as part of the Amazon Influencer Program

You can start earning a commission when your followers make qualifying purchases via your affiliate links. The amount you earn is based on the products sold. Commission rates can be found here and will also be visible in your reports.

To learn more about getting started, visit the Amazon Influencer Program Education Hub.

How to sign up for the Amazon Influencer Program

Here’s the link to sign up for the program. You will have the option to use an existing customer account or create a new account for your influencer content.

Amazon Influencer Program: How to sign up in 2023

How to earn up to $12,500 USD for 500 videos

Video Walkthrough

Here’s the fine print from Amazon Influencer Program received on August 16, 2023. I have included all the details below including fine prints and disclaimers at the very bottom.

You’re invited to participate in a new limited-time-only incentive. Because of the overwhelming response to our previous call for shoppable videos, we are accepting 7x as many submissions! This time, we’re looking for informative videos that feature two or more Amazon products in the same category. These could be a product review of two or more products, a product comparison video, a ranking video listing the best products in a certain category, or even gift inspiration featuring multiple products.

This incentive offers up to $12,500 for 500 videos that meet the criteria ($25 per qualifying video). In addition to the payment for qualifying videos, submitting videos will give you the chance to see increased exposure on Amazon and earn onsite commission.

Submit your content before September 22nd, 2023 to participate. Please note submissions may close early if we reach the 35,000 cap, so we encourage you to submit as soon as possible. We will inform you if submissions close early.

Here’s how to participate:

Please read carefully, especially if you’ve participated in previous video incentives, as some of the steps have changed.

  1. Upload 1 or more shoppable videos to your storefront that focuses on products from one of three categories: Electronics, Home, or Appliances. Post your videos to your storefront. You can submit as many videos as you’d like, however the incentive caps at 500 videos per creator. You do not have to submit all at once and you can continue adding videos throughout the eligibility period until 9/22 or when submissions close. The more added to your storefront, the bigger the earning opportunity!
  2. Make sure the video features 2 or more products in the same category and that they are tagged. Each video must include two or more products within the same category you have chosen (for example, if you have chosen to submit a video under the appliances category about blenders, the video should feature two or more different blenders, where as a video featuring a blender and an air fryer won’t qualify as these two products do not serve a similar need for customers)
  3. Use hashtag #thisorthat in the title of your storefront video. Be sure to use the hashtag exactly as shown above. Videos without the hashtag in the title will not be screened for eligibility.

That’s it! If you’ve participated in previous video incentives, we no longer require you to submit video links into a submission form. For a refresher on how to upload shoppable videos to your storefront and general tips, find video best practices here.

Here are additional requirements to meet eligibility:

  • Each video adheres to Amazon Video content guidelines
  • Each video must be NEW to your storefront, uploaded on 8/15/23 or later, and not previously uploaded to your storefront (deleting old videos and reuploading will cause your submission to be disqualified)
  • Each video must be 30 seconds or longer
  • Each video must be your own original content, and videos taken from other creators or sources will be disqualified
  • Each video must be unique, any duplicates submitted will be disqualified
  • Each video must not use language such as “dupe,” “fake,” or “faux” in connection with a brand or knowingly promote counterfeit products or products that infringe the intellectual property rights of others
  • Each video must not include any copyrighted music/audio or include watermarks/logos, including from social media platforms
  • Each video must be posted to your storefront – videos can take 2-3 business days to process and post, so be sure to build that time in when working against the deadline
  • Each video can’t make deceptive or unsubstantiated claims (stick to your personal experience or preference for one product over another)
  • Unlike previous incentives, the videos do not have to be vertical. Landscape (horizontal) orientation is preferred but any standard aspect ratio will qualify.

All submissions that qualify based on the guidelines above will be eligible for a $25 payout per video, for a maximum of $12,500 for 500 videos.

Your Amazon Influencer Team

This information is shared with you under the terms of the Operating Agreement and considered non-public, confidential, and subject to change. Receipt of this email and its content is under embargo and cannot be shared publicly. It is to be used for your planning purposes ONLY. In the event that you share publicly any details of this email, it will be considered a violation of the embargo and Operating Agreement and will result in possible termination of your account.
The terms of this video incentive and all information provided by Amazon in connection herewith are confidential information, and pursuant to the confidentiality provisions of the Operating Agreement you must maintain the same in strict confidence and not disclose the same to any third party (other than your affiliates) or use the same for any purpose other than your participation in the Associates Program. To be eligible for the up to $12,500 incentive, you must meet the requirements outlined in the guidelines above. This video incentive will be limited to the first 35,000 qualifying submissions by 6pm PST on 9/22/2023. You must be in the Amazon Influencer Program to participate. Amazon will track these requirements and review no later than 10/15/2023, and upon acceptance of the requirements by Amazon, Amazon will pay the flat fee which will be viewable in your Associates Central payment history. The transaction will be labeled Limited Time Video Incentive Payment. Payment terms are approximately 60 days following the end of each calendar month in which Amazon receives the agreed upon requirements.

By submitting your content, you are providing Amazon with the right to feature your content across the Amazon site and on our social media channels. If you’re opted into the Creator Ads program, your content may be featured in off-Amazon display ads as well.

How to create a ton of videos (in a short period of time)

Let’s face it! You are excited, and probably got a ton of ideas for the products sitting right in front of you.

If you are a YouTuber or video creator, this task probably seems less daunting.

If you are an audio podcaster or blogger, making these videos in volume may seem less straightforward.

Don’t overthink video requirements

First, let’s make sure we are aligned on the requirements: you aren’t expected or required to make high-production quality videos. Sure, the content should be engaging and authentic, but Amazon Influencer Program is not asking you to record with a 4K camera. Instead, you can simply rely on your phone, or even your webcam to produce these videos.

Choose the recording software or equipment wisely to save time

Second, the choice of recording software matters too. Some of the easiest video recordings are screen recording software that also offers “camera recording”. We have written about DropBox Capture vs. Loom: Which Is Better For Video Creators? (2023). In this case, either DropBox Capture or Loom will work well. Remember that landscape videos are all you need, and there’s no reason or extra effort to turn them into portrait videos (it’s not required).

Don’t make the videos too long (30 seconds plus will do)

Remember the requirement is that the video needs to be at least 30 seconds. If you are able to make your point just over 30 seconds or under a minute will do, there’s no need to record in-depth long videos.

Editing? No editing? The choice is yours.

Thirdly, what about editing? You are welcome to visit some of your favorite Amazon Influencers to see what they have created and uploaded to their storefront. However, I don’t think we need to overthink the intricacies of our editing effort, given the timeline is so short before we need to publish as many as possible. Another trick is to consider reusing and repurposing some of your existing product videos, if available.

Upload as soon as possible (don’t wait til the end)

As Amazon Influencer Program called out, you should absolutely NOT wait til the end to upload all your videos in a single batch. Instead, upload them as soon as they are ready. Upload may take time (even up to 2-3 days) and you do not want to miss the deadline. Plus, there’s a cutoff of “first 35,000 submissions”. First come, first serve.

This short video might help you understand the basics and some of the best practices for creating and repurposing existing videos.

If you are considering editing your videos, be sure to check out:

Conclusion: How to best approach this Amazon Influencer Program’s limited offer

We found this offer to be attractive for many creators, perhaps it’s a no-brainer for some of the video creators and YouTubers who are already actively creating video content and enjoy talking about the products they use and love.

With that said, this program may still be relatively new to Amazon Influencers, as well as Amazon (as a brand) for more details to be figured out. I look forward to seeing what you and others are going to create and hopefully, we can all learn from this experience.

As intriguing as this offer is, it’s likely not going to be realistic for most creators to produce 500 videos. Rather, I can envision creators aiming for a series of 10, 20, or maybe 30 videos before the deadline.

As for me and Feisworld, we will give this offer a shot and see where we end up! Setting realistic expectations is key. We won’t be re-arranging our entire business for a month to accommodate the production needs just for Amazon Influencer Program, but I’m also excited about how we can learn from this experience by working smarter together with my team.

What are your thoughts? Please list your Amazon Influencer Storefront URL in the comments section. We’d love to follow your progress. Any other questions, please let us know!


  1. Hi, I uploaded as many shoppable videos as I could until the 22nd September. When or how will I know if I get any money from this offer?

    1. Hi Vanessa, I couldn’t find the info or exact payment date from Amazon. If the process is similar to their affiliate commissions, it could take up to 60 days. It’s based on approval of these videos as mentioned in my post, not every video will be approved. Given they just received A TON of content, I have a feeling that it may take them time to process. Keep me posted 🙂

    2. I received an email advising which submissions were approved, the amount earned and when funds would be available in my account.

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