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Descript Acquires SquadCast: High-Quality Remote Recording is Free with Descript (2023)

In August 2023, Descript Acquires SquadCast!

Editing tool Descript has purchased Squadcast, a remote recording service. The announcement says that the two services will continue separately for now (in Phase 1), but Descript customers will get remote recording included immediately in their subscriptions for free, and SquadCast customers can choose to switch their subscription to Descript to get its editing capabilities at no additional cost.

What is Descript?

Descript is an all-in-one tool you need to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share your videos and podcasts. We talked about Descript years ago in 2018 when it was first launched and revealed at Podcast Movement. Since then, Descript is known to be one of the best ways to make videos and podcasts. At Feisworld, we use Descript extensively for editing for our own show and clients’ podcasts.

What is SquadCast? (now part of Descript)

SquadCast is a cloud recording studio that guests, creators, listeners, producers, and YouTubers love and trust. Create high-quality audio and video content with our in-browser software for premium recordings auto-saved with cloud storage.

Descript + SquadCast = Complete Stack

Remote recording stands as a fundamental component within the toolkit of every podcaster. With Descript and SquadCast’s remote recording features, content creators now have the capability to capture both audio and video podcasts from any location. Upon completion of their recording sessions, the content is automatically transcribed and rendered ready for manipulation within the Descript platform.

Subsequently, the robust AI-driven editing functionalities of Descript come into play. These encompass a range of features including AI-generated voices, Studio Sound optimization, transcription integration, automated removal of filler words, Regenerate for rephrasing, and Eye Contact for visual engagement. The remarkable adaptability of Descript accommodates creators of various workflows, facilitating the creation of diverse content, spanning from simple audio podcasts to intricate multicam videos featuring multiple layers of video, supplementary footage (b-roll), audio overlays, coupled with video and audio effects, and seamless transitions.

Descript’s integration with SquadCast (two phases explained)

“According to Descript, “In phase one, SquadCast will remain a standalone service, with two main changes. The first is that we’ve really streamlined the integration with Descript. The second is around price. For paying Descript customers, you now get SquadCast for free. Phase one begins today (August 15, 2023)

In phase two, we’ll fully integrate SquadCast’s tech into Descript and wind it down as a standalone service. That means you’ll be able to make remote recordings from the Descript app and have them ready to edit as soon as you’re finished. We’re working on this, but don’t have an exact date yet. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks.”

Do you use Descript free but still want to test out SquadCast? No problem. Free users get one hour each month. Keep reading the pricing information and video features below at a glance.

Is SquadCast free with Descript?

Yes, and with varying recording hours.

  • Free account gets 1 hr/month
  • The Creator Tier ($12/month) gets 10 hr/month of recording, and
  • The Pro Tier ($24/month) gets 30 hr/month remote recording
Descript acquires SquadCast: Pricing

How to Get Started with SquadCast by Descript (Video Tutorial)

In this short tutorial, I offer step-by-step instructions to get started with SquadCast if you have no prior experience using the app. I’ve also included the follow-up steps to review and edit the video recording easily inside Descript post recording using SquadCast.

Key features inside the SquadCast recording studio


  • Start an “Instant Session” (no setup needed)
  • Start a new session (or schedule a new session)
  • Review upcoming sessions
  • Access recent recordings
Screenshot by Dropbox Capture | Feisworld
Screenshot by Dropbox Capture 1 | Feisworld

Download Options

  • Download MP4
  • Download WAV
  • Download MP3
Screenshot by Dropbox Capture 2 | Feisworld

Green Room

Test and verify your settings before you enter the studio

Screenshot by Dropbox Capture 3 | Feisworld

Inside the Studio

  • Record your video podcast
  • Invite participants to join you in the studio, as well as backstage (where viewers can watch and listen to the sessions but only communicate through chat)
Screenshot by Dropbox Capture 4 | Feisworld

Conclusion: Descript acquires SquadCast

There’s no doubt in our mind that Descript and SquadCast’s features combined are going to give content creators, especially YouTubers, livestreamers and YouTubers some superpower.

By superpower, we don’t just mean the features and capabilities, but also the time creators will get back from not having to navigate different applications for their essential content creation needs.

Together with SquadCast’s remote recording features, Descript has yet another advantage that’s likely going to be more competitive with apps such as Riverside and Podcastle.

Please let us know in the comments below what you think of this acquisition, and how it’s going to impact your existing workflow. Also, if you are currently using two apps for recording vs. editing, will you consider switching over to Descript with this announcement? Why, or why not?

Read the official announcement here.

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