Swell AI Review

Swell AI Review: The AI Writer Every Podcaster Has Been Looking For? (2023)

Everyone is talking about AI writers and how can you speed up your writing by 100x, but what about specific AI writers for certain industries and sectors? At Feisworld, we have been running the Feisworld Podcast for over 10 years, and with over 340 episodes we are definitely familiar with changes in the way we produce our content, and changes in our technology stack.

We have given examples of how to leverage both ChatGPT and other writers as a podcaster, but we recently came across Swell AI, which promises to be an AI writer specifically crafted to podcasting and all the tasks around it.

In this post we dive deep into the tool, looking at all the features, pricing, and how you can leverage its benefits to grow your podcast.

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Swell AI: New AI writer for podcasters

What is an AI writer and how can it help podcasters?

AI Writer For Podcasters 101. We’ve covered AI writers several times before at Feisworld, and we have even shown these tools can help podcasters (e.g. ChatGPT) and YouTubers (ChatGPT and Bard) in many aspects of the creative process and workflow. Some of the angles are:

  • Script Writing: An AI writer can help generate a script for a podcast episode based on a given topic or keywords. This can significantly reduce the time and effort needed for content creation and allow podcasters to produce more content more quickly.
  • Editing and Polishing: AI can also help refine scripts by checking for grammar, clarity, style, and so on. This can help ensure that the script is of high quality and that the final podcast will be clear and engaging for listeners.
  • Content Research: An AI writer can provide a summary or detailed information on specific topics, helping podcasters save time on research. This can be particularly helpful for podcasters who cover technical or complex topics.
  • Show Notes Creation: AI can assist in creating show notes for each episode, summarizing key points and providing timestamps for different topics. This can improve the listener experience and make episodes more accessible.
  • Audience Interaction: AI tools can be used to generate responses to listener questions or comments, either on social media or on other platforms. This can help podcasters maintain active and engaging interactions with their audience.
  • Transcription Services: AI can also transcribe podcast episodes, creating written records of the content that can be used for accessibility purposes, for repurposing content (like turning a podcast into a blog post), or for creating marketing materials.

Swell AI Review (2023)

What is Swell AI?

Swell AI is an AI-powered tool that helps podcasters and YouTubers convert their audio and video content into written articles. It does this by using a combination of natural language processing and machine learning to transcribe the audio, identify key talking points, and generate text that is both informative and engaging.

Swell AI can transcribe your audio and generate text automatically, so you don’t have to spend hours writing articles by hand. In addition, one strong aspect is that Swell AI can improve discoverability by helping you create more SEO-friendly content, which can make it easier for people to find your podcast or YouTube channel through search engines.

Finally, it can increase engagement. Swell AI can generate text that is both informative and engaging, which can help you keep your audience interested in your content.

Get started with Swell AI (Video Tutorial)

Swell AI Key Features

1. Write Books

To use Swell AI to write a book, you will need to provide the tool with an outline of your book. The tool will then use the outline to generate the first draft of your book. You can then review the draft and make any changes that you want.

Swell AI write a book feature

1. Transcripts

Swell AI can automatically transcribe your podcast episodes, so you can easily create show notes and other written content.

Swell AI podcast transcripts

2. Podcast summaries

Generate podcast summaries, which are short, engaging summaries of your podcast episodes. These summaries can be used to promote your podcast on social media and other channels.

3. SEO-friendly titles

SEO-friendly titles for your podcast episodes and other content. This can help you improve your search engine ranking.

4. Twitter threads

Twitter threads from your podcast episodes. This is a great way to promote your podcast and engage with your audience on Twitter.

5. Announcement posts

Swell AI can generate announcement posts for your podcast episodes. These posts can be used to promote your podcast and let your audience know when new episodes are available.

6. RSS feed integration

Swell AI can integrate with your RSS feed, so you can easily publish your podcast transcripts, summaries, and other content to your website or blog.

RSS feed Swell AI

7. Google Drive and Dropbox

Swell AI can export your transcripts, summaries, and other content to Google Drive and Dropbox. This makes it easy to store and share your content.

Google Drive and Dropbox Integrations for Swell AI

8. Swell Chat: Build chatbots for your podcast episodes!

Swell Chat builds chatbots for your podcast episodes


Swell AI offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Hobby: Free with 1 upload per month
  • Professional: $29/month with 10 uploads per month
  • Business: $99/month with 50 uploads per month
  • Pay as you go: $8.99 per upload

All plans include the following features:

  • Transcripts
  • AI podcast summaries
  • SEO-friendly titles
  • Twitter threads
  • Announcement posts
  • RSS feed integration
  • Google Drive and Dropbox export

The Professional and Business plans also include the following:

  • Priority support
  • Unlimited access to the Swell AI community
  • Access to new features before they’re released to the public
Swell AI Pricing (2023)

Swell AI Alternatives

Swell AI is really the world’s first AI writer for podcasters, but you can also use other general-purpose AI Writers. So, what are the options and how are they different?

In a nutshell, these are some of the alternative tools you can use:

  • Descript: Descript can help you to produce more professional-sounding audio files by automatically transcribing, editing, and publishing episodes.
  • Temi: Temi is another popular AI writer that can help you to create show notes, transcripts, and blog posts.
  • Otter.ai: Otter.ai is an impressively capable voice transcription service that completely changes the game when it comes to creating professional-sounding recordings.
FeatureSwell AIDescriptTemiOtter.ai
PriceStarting at $19/monthStarting at $24/monthStarting at $10/monthStarting at $12.99/month
FeaturesTranscripts, show notes, blog posts, AI chatbox, AI askTranscription, editing, publishing, integrationsTranscription, speaker identification, keyword extraction, real-time translationTranscription, speaker identification, keyword extraction, real-time translation
Dedicated to podcastersYesNoNoNo

Conclusion: Swell AI Writer For Podcasters

Our long podcast journey has taught us a few things, and one of them is praising good initiatives that help creators stand out by making routine tasks simpler. It’s great to see Swell AI offer a one-stop-shop for podcasters.

I really like the episode chatbot and book writing features! I’ve spent hundreds of hours transcribing episodes and thinking about lead magnets and now Swell AI can assist with that.

I also remember my first hand experience when creating the Feisworld Docuseries: we grabbed all 250+ episodes at that time, and revisited them by hand to understand categories, common themes, and plan our documentary. Swell AI would have been so useful at that time!

Overall, I believe every podcaster should give Swell AI a shot to understand how well it fits their needs. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the results!

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