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Taplio: Best AI Tool for LinkedIn Creators and Agencies

Taplio has revolutionized the way we approach LinkedIn. Why? It harnesses the power of AI to enhance your LinkedIn presence, ensuring authentic engagement and maximizing growth potential.

We wrote this article to dive deep into Taplio, showing you how you can elevate your LinkedIn game using its AI capabilities, without burning a hole in your pocket.

“LinkedIn, with its 700+ million users, has proven to be a powerhouse for business networking. The potential for organic reach and meaningful connections is vast, but maximizing this potential requires strategic finesse.”


The challenges of LinkedIn growth (before Taplio)

Growing on LinkedIn isn’t just about posting regularly. It involves a keen understanding of your audience, strategic content planning, and genuine engagement. Here are a few common challenges are have witnessed:

  • Content Saturation: With millions of posts daily, standing out becomes challenging.
  • Time-consuming Engagement: Manually connecting, sending messages, and endorsing skills can be tedious.
  • Algorithm Challenges: Understanding LinkedIn’s ever-evolving algorithm can be daunting.

But, there’s now a better solution!

What is Taplio?

Taplio is an AI-powered LinkedIn tool designed to aid creators, influencers, and agencies who manage LinkedIn for their clients. It’s not just another automation tool; it’s your AI-driven LinkedIn assistant that ensures your content and engagement strategies are spot-on.

Features and Benefits of Taplio

Here are some key features and benefits in a snapshot:

  1. Smart Scheduling: AI recommendations on when to post for maximum engagement.
  2. Connection Filters: Connect with the right audience based on specific criteria.
  3. Engagement Automation: Send genuine thank-you notes, congrats messages, and more, without sounding robotic.
  4. Content Analysis: Get real-time feedback on your content’s performance.

Is a LinkedIn-specific management platform like Taplio worth it?

Unlike other social management platforms such as Sendible, Buffer, Hootsuite, Later which we’ve discussed on Feisworld, Taplio is in its own league because it’s specifically designed for LinkedIn.

That’s right, you can’t use Taplio to create or schedule posts for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok… so what’s the point of investing in Taplio? We think so if you are serious about growing on LinkedIn.

If you are only logging into LinkedIn a few times a month without publishing any comment other than liking and commenting on a few, Taplio is likely not for you. However, if you are creating content regularly, and growing your business through leads generated from LinkedIn, Taplio becomes a no-brainer! Check out our growth in the past 90 days after publishing regularly (daily, then 3 times a week in September and October). And hey, if we haven’t already connected on LinkedIn, please take a moment to connect with me there.


Once you see LinkedIn as an ideal publishing platform and a business driver, here are the features we know you will love!

Effortless Content Creation with Just a Click

Are you in search of ready-made content that only needs minor tweaking? Taplio’s AI understands your profile and the topics you’re passionate about, they then craft relevant and engaging posts specifically for you, ensuring your content calendar is always full.

Taplio: The AI That Truly Gets You

Every day, Taplio provides custom posts designed just for you. And if you ever need content on the spot? Our on-demand post generator has got you covered. With Taplio, you’re never without quality content. With that said, we believe any AI tool is there to assist human creators. As always, we highly recommend that you review any and all posts generated by Taplio and add your own pizzazz, or simply make it your own before publishing.

ChatAssist: Your LinkedIn Sidekick

Ever wished for a chat assistant that really understood you? ChatAssist is exactly that but specially crafted for LinkedIn. Whether you’re crafting a new post or refining an old one, ChatAssist aids you through natural conversations and helps you make your content come alive that’s also uniquely you. Plus, with AI shortcuts and over 30 starting prompts, crafting the perfect content has never been easier. Review past interactions, save prompts, and more, all in one place.

Elevate Your LinkedIn Game with AI-Powered Carousels

That’s right, carousels have proven to be top performers on LinkedIn. That’s Taplio has incorporated an AI-driven tool to help you create striking carousels effortlessly. Just provide a topic, and our AI does the rest. With this feature, you can convert a YouTube video or an article link into a carousel. Personalize it further with your profile picture, name, and handle, and select from a range of design templates and colors.

Engage Smartly with AI-Powered Replies

Engagement is key on LinkedIn. As a creator on LinkedIn who publishes regularly, I do my best to reply to not just some, but all comments! It’s a lot of work but the effort is very worthwhile to build relationships with your followers. Taplio ensures you always have the right words to say. Whether you’re congratulating someone, adding value to a discussion, or simply expressing gratitude, our AI crafts suitable comments for you. And the best part? You can engage directly from Taplio, streamlining your LinkedIn interactions without having to log in and out of LinkedIn.

Pricing for Taplio

Affordable plans tailored for everyone, from solo creators to large businesses. All their plans include a 7-day free trial and a 30-day refund policy on the 1st payment.

Taplio comes with a 3-tier plan:

  • Starter, $39/month
  • Standard, $52/month (AI content and chat is available starting with the Standard tier)
  • Pro, $149/month
Taplio pricing

Legal and Compliance on LinkedIn Automation

While automation tools streamline processes, it’s essential to stay within LinkedIn’s guidelines. Taplio ensures compliance, maintaining a human touch in all its functions.

Big influencers and creators on LinkedIn have used and trusted Taplio, including Justin Welsh. Justin is not only a content powerhouse but someone who’s also very strategic and streamlined when it comes to using any tools. For that, I give Taplio another point for attracting such high-quality individual creators.

Not just for creators, but also agencies

As it turns out, Taplio can work for independent creators, small businesses as well as agencies who manage and produce content on LinkedIn.

Kurogo, one of the leading social agencies, vouches for Taplio as its primary solution for LinkedIn client management. With over 40 personal branding clients on board, they rely on Taplio to streamline content creation, scheduling, and reporting.

From engaging with influential personalities to commenting on competitor posts and efficiently handling client engagements, Taplio can help you navigate an active LinkedIn presence. Plus, with its robust analytics features, agencies can provide their clients with detailed performance reports, while offering a seamless team experience with role-based account access, unified billing, and more.

Now let’s add Taplio’s AI features for agency-scale content creation workflow, the viral post library ensures that content writers always have fresh ideas, making it easier to manage multiple clients simultaneously.

Beyond crafting content, agencies can also harness Taplio to foster client engagement on LinkedIn, ensuring that they not only post but also actively participate in relevant discussions.

Conclusion: Why Taplio is a must-have for your LinkedIn toolkit

In an age where LinkedIn’s potential is undeniable, tools like Taplio are not just beneficial – they’re essential.

Leveraging a powerful like Taplio doesn’t take away the evergreen, best practices we should adhere to as creators and small business owners, they are:

  1. Stay Genuine: Automation is a tool, not a replacement for authenticity.
  2. Analyze Regularly: Utilize Taplio’s insights to refine your strategy.
  3. Engage, Engage, Engage: AI can aid, but your personal touch will always be unmatched.

Have you tried Taplio or any other AI tool for LinkedIn? Please let us know in the comments below, we love to learn from you and share with our community.

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